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Common Courtesy

(Note from Daven:  This is really good advise on how a student should act with a teacher or a HP/HPS.  I would like you to read it and think about the corollaries of how a teacher should act with a student.  I think this goes with the Seeker’s Bill of Rights.  We have lives too. I have known too many who think that all a Priest/ess does is stand around waiting for the coveners to get their act together.  Not so.)

25 January 1994
by Scatha
1157 1/2 West 30th Street
Box B3
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Looking Within:

During the 1960s a gentleman once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” I believe that the same applies to Wicca and ones search for a group, mentor, or High Priest/Priestess. Although their is much which you can (and should) ask of your High Priest/ess remember that there are certain obligations which are expect of you as a student. Remember that learning is a two way process. The Student/Covener learns or is given information from the High Priest/ess; however, since no one knows it all the teacher also learns from the student. In order for the relationship to work, both parts most do their share for the greater good of the whole.

After “quizzing” your Wiccan/Pagan teacher about the basics (such as Who are you, Why do you teach, How long have you been a pagan or HP), time should be spend getting to the W/P teacher prior to your commitment. It is important that the teacher get a feel for the student and what they truly wish to study. Also does the teacher have something to offer the student? You certainly don’t want to spend all the time and effort learning ways which don’t feel right to you. So you should be honest, and the teacher in reflection maybe honest in return (Goddess hopes) to say that their group may not be what you need. Remember that not all people follow the same path. So once you have decided on the group or coven, you should follow some basic tenants. Perhaps these are common sense to some, but there are those of you who forget more than no again.

Common Courtesy: If you can’t make it, don’t be afraid to call and say so. If you might bring a friend (if allowed) call and say so.

Timing: If you’re already on your way, get there. But try to plan to get there on time. In the old days, standing around waiting for someone could get your coven killed or outcast!

Don’t Waste: You have extra reading, read it. Someone is to write a ritual, don’t be afraid to do it. In this path, we learn by doing. If you falter, remember your HP started once where you are. Besides you learn from doing, not being stagnated.

Volunteer: 30 hands cleaning up after the ritual gets it done faster: leaving more time to socialize or drive home quicker. But don’t extend yourself, if your HP asks and you can’t say so. No Big Deal!

Nonconseling: Don’t expect the HP to live your life for you. Yeah, they give good advice on life stories, but remember like writing your rituals; you must do your life. HPs also have their own lives: that doesn’t mean don’t call them, just don’t over over-call them.

Costs: I know that we all realize that it takes money to fund events, newsletters, and rituals. Then why don’t we give a few dollars here and there to subsidize them? Rather simplistic but: you get what you put in, It’s the thought that counts, A few pennies add up, whatever it costs your HPs and covens to give you knowledge. Even in the “old days” people paid by food or shelter.

Feel free to agree/disagree, think/ not think, or add/delete from this small list. I’m sure that you could add lots, but the space is limited and the brain oozes out much.

Originally posted 2009-11-14 21:53:55. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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