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Commentaries on Magick


That one word is the key to Magick. Without the will to cast the spell and to control the Power into the desired end, no spell will work.

Sounds simple, right?

Let me tell you, from personal experiences, it is one of the hardest things to do.

You must always keep the goal of the spell clearly in your thoughts. You must not see the spell working; you must see it finished.

Everything in the Book of Shadows, the formulas, processes, rites, ceremonies, tools, words, chants, etc is to focus your mind and your attention on the goal. To deep your Will on what you are doing.

The mind, being a very fluid thing, is hard to keep focused on one thing for more than a few moments. Thoughts will drift, memories will surface, and songs will start in your brain, and so on. If you let it, an entire night’s work will be ruined by one stray thought. The rites are a good tool to keep your attention on what is going on.

Discipline, self-control, and focus are all important.

A story: When Mary and I first moved in together, we cast the Warding ritual from this Book of Shadows. We used the long version with all the bangles and bells. I have since cast several other spells using no rituals. Now, almost two and a half years later (at the time this was written) the Wards are still up, needing no maintenance, while none of my other spells worked. I advise you, the reader, to use the formulas.

I do not think that I will give set spells, as in a spellbook of old. Instead, I will put down what has worked for me. I leave each person’s processes to themselves, and mind.

Please keep in mind a few things.

1. Magick is WORK. It drains energy from yourself and your environment. It should never be done just to prove that it is real and can be done.
2. Wicca is a religion! The Lord and Lady should be first in a Wiccan’s mind. You can cast Magick without being Wiccan, but you should know that you would (most commonly) be called something else. Probably a Sorcerer or Wizard or Ritual Magician, but not Wiccan.
3. It should never be done to harm. There is a belief that states that whatever you put out will come back three fold, and I personally think it’s more than that. You must not instigate a negative act. Let the Gods take care of that.

Absolute belief in yourself and what you are doing is critical while you are performing any rite of spell. Timing is also important as well. Lunar phases have a beneficial effect on what you are doing. There are two main phases that effect Magick. The first is the Waxing Moon. During this time, you should do constructive Magick. Anything that needs to be increased; finances, love, health, success, etc. Waxing is the time from New Moon to Full Moon.

The other is from Full Moon to New, called the Waning Moon. This is when you get rid of unwanted influences. Removing negative thoughts, bad habits, getting rid of bugs in your home, etc. Remember, “An it harm none, do as you will”. Magick should not be used to harm or kill anybody.

The Full and New Moons are the climax of the preceding cycles. At these times, it would be preferable to complete a spell series on these nights.

It is more constrictive to do a series of spells, all with the same goal, over a period of time. The important thing is to complete the series on the Full Moon, if it is constructive. Or to complete it on the New Moon if it is for removal of unwanted things.

It is acceptable to do a spell series designed to have a person who has harmed you to get what they deserve. This is all that is allowed according to the Rede. This is what is normally referred to as “hexing”.

Something my researches have revealed to me is this: It is possible for someone to stand as a channel. This would be done if, for example, only one person in the Circle knew the spell was being cast on.

The spell is cast as normal, energy generation, etc. When the time comes to release the energy to the subject, the Coven focuses instead on the person who knows the subject. That person, in turn, focuses on the subject. He becomes a temporary “funnel” for the spell (as in collecting and sending the energy).

It does take its toll, however. The channel will be more tired afterward than normal, so use caution. It would be best if an experienced witch were in this role, due to the amounts of energy involved. It may even be advisable for the channel to not participate in the energy raising so he has enough energy to direct the incoming power.

It would be best if the collecting and re-directing were done simultaneously. That way the channel becomes a conduit instead of a battery for the Power.

Some notes on charging items. Power sinks are a place to store energy until needed. Do not worry about over charging them. Energy has substance but no form. Without form, any amount of energy can be put into a single atom, without loss. Space is infinite. As to substances for your “battery” I work best with hematite, which is designed to hold energy, but anything (and I do mean any non-living thing) can be used.

The magickal uses of the Elements have been talked about in multiple places, and I won’t go back over them in this document. However, it has been said (and proved in my practice) that the elements can fuel spells to a great amount. Those elements are a continual source of energy that can be drawn on whenever there is need. You also give energy back to those elements whenever you are not thinking about it. Those same elements that give you energy also take from you when you have an excess. Grounding energy is doing this process. Feeding things to the flames of a fire also does this. So the energy is constantly there for you to use and to give back to.

For a more extensive discussion of energy work, please see this article in the Tree.

Stars light your path.

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