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Well, chagrined is a good way to describe my feelings here.

If you have been to the Front Page of my site, you know that I’m going to the Real Witches Ball in October. To that end, I have been preparing things to take a long. I have my kilt and SCA costume, my class materials (many of which I have to buy there, handouts and Gatoraide), my staff and my robes and so on. I plan to be professional in this.

Well, I have been working on my ODU robes for a while now. The robes are done, but I didn’t have a Sewing Machine to allow for me to sew the stole and the trim on my robes. So I asked around at work to borrow one. And I was lent one for a very limited amount of time.

Got the stole done, and it looks GOOD too. This is after I had to make it twice since I had screwed up and used the ink pen to draw my designs and completely ruined it. So we bought more material and tried again.

This time it came out really well. I stitched and hemmed and it looks nice. One problem though, the Ogham symbols of my achievement are on BACKWARDS. I put Hawthorn in place of Birch, Willow in place of Hazel. So now I’m screwed. I can pull it all apart and try again, or I can just keep silent and not tell anyone. Although by posting it here, that’s not going to happen. So, I’ll wear what I have for the event, and try again at a later time. >_>

But it’s nice. It’s about 5 inches across, long enough that it goes from hipbone to hipbone, which I think is long enough. it’s reversable, meaning that it has the stuff for me as Ollamh on one side, flip it over and I’m just Daven, Hazel College initiate of the ODU. So I only need one of these.

Mary insisted that I get muslin too so we could make another robe for me. Four yards of material, which I’m going to do up like a T-Tunic and long as my ankles. But, it should look good. But I’ll still have the robe that Kenn made for me, and I’ll wear that with pride.

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