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Index of Fiction

This is a relatively new section to this journal.  In addition to articles and thoughts on different subjects, I have written at different times stories about various subjects.  These will appear here with other appropriate comments. 

Please note, all these stories are copyright Daven in 2001 or earlier and permission is NOT granted to reprint any of these without asking me first.  You may read them, you may copy them for your offline use, but you may not republish or reprint these for any reason.  If you wish to post these to your site, ask me and I'll see what can be worked out.

A Child's Book of Wicca

This is a series of documents that are a work in progress.  It's a book I'm writing that introduces a child of 6-10 to Wicca, hopefully with a parent or parents who are active in Wicca at the same time who are reading these stories to them.  They are simple, but I think the points are illustrated well.  I have previously had these on PaganFiles at Drak, but that site got pulled down, and I now reprint them all here.  

I'm going to share my intention for this book with you. The original intention for this collection was to help those parents who needed a series of stories for their child illustrating Wicca and Witchcraft in a good light, but I was not able to find much. So I started writing my own out of frustration. My daughter is past this now, but I am still working on these as time permits me to.

What I want to ultimately do with these is to finish the stories, find an illustrator who is willing to work with me, and to put them into an e-book format, and give it away. Yes, I said, "give it away". See, I think that this is too important a project for any one person to make money off of. So, my ultimate goal is to find an illustrator who is working for the exposure and who can afford to give away something like 240 simple illustrations for this book. I know that I'm asking a lot, but it's MY work too. I know that there has been a screaming need in the Wiccan community for something like this for a long time now, and when I approached Llewellyn about this back in 1994 when I first conceived of this, they said "there is no market for this kind of work". But EVERYONE I have shown this to so I could get feedback from has said, "I'll buy it when it comes out, heck, I'll get advanced copies. Let me know when you publish it so I can buy a copy."

UPDATE (5-2-05):  Well, an illustrator found me.  So, she is working hard to illustrate these, and I'm working on writing them.  More below.

So, to spite them, I'm giving it out. Same rules apply. You can use it for YOURSELF and your child, but not any other use. If you want to put this on your site, email me and we will talk.

I am working on other chapters to be added to these as they are finished, but I need an illustrator for these stories.  If you are a Pagan Illustrator and don't have a problem with drawing pictures for these stories, please contact me at daven@davensjournal.com and we will talk.  There are a lot of details on this project that I can't go into right now but that you need to be aware of.

It has been suggested that it may be better if the above book were printed and available for the parent to hold in their hand as they read it to their child, without having to print it on their personal computers. I have looked into it somewhat and found that the cost of this publication on demand technology will be anyplace between $800 and $1000 for me, and that will work out to something like $5 to $12 per copy ordered.

UPDATE:  Alright, I think I have an arrangement that will work.

Liliane Grenier is my illustrator on these, so any artwork is hers, and she holds sole copyright on this material, just as I own the copyright on the stories.  Please respect her copyright.

We are going to be turning these into books.  But, first we have to raise capital.  So, once we have some of the stories fully illustrated and ready to go, we are going to be selling PDF files of these for you to print out on your own.  They will be on this server, and they will only be $2 per download.  They will be printout ready, and you can get them bound along one edge and read them to your children.

Once we have about 5 or so illustrated and ready to go, we will have CDs of the collected works available for you.  I have the capacity to burn and mail CDs, and they will be $15 per CD.  And I will be making some provision for allowing those who have purchased CDs prior to this to download the further adventures of Sarah without having to purchase the CD again.

After that, I'll be looking into Print on Demand setup for those of you who want them in book format and who want something to buy.  I'm going to warn you they will not be inexpensive.  I'm thinking one chapter per book, and they will probably be somewhere around $10 per.  I may be able to combine two stories in one book, which should make it a little less expensive.  That's a future project though.

The text files here will still be free for you.  Along with the Polish Translations.  That way, you can still have the stories.  With Liliane's permission, I will also be making ONE illustration available for use as a wallpaper.  Right now, the first one we have is the illustration of Rhiannon and Sarah meeting for the first time.  

Any feedback you have please send it to daven@davensjournal.com.