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Busy bees

I know it’s been a while since I updated this page, and I’m going to tell you why.

First off, I have been doing a lot around the house. But other than that, I have been reading.

Yeah, I read when I’m not doing anything else. I read for research, to learn, to study and to review. So, I have been reading “Celtic Heritage” to try to get a good handle on the Celtic myths and society. Since it’s recommended by EVERY druidic group out there, I figure it’s worth looking at.

Plus, I have been reading Dana Eiler’s book “Pagans and the Law [1] and writing a review of it. Now I have to move on to her other book and see what that’s like. But so far, I like it.

Then I have been studying ODU stuff. First off, I dedicated my ritual treasures. This consists of a cauldron, a sword, a spear and a stone. When the Tuatha de Dannan came back to Ireland in the Fourth Invasion, they brought with them 4 treasures, The Stone of Fal (also known as the Singing Stone), the Sword of Nuada, the Spear of Lugh, and the Cauldron of the Dagda. These tools represent those treasures and bring the energy of those treasures to the ritual they are used in. They also mate with the 4 provinces of Ireland, Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connachut. This system is central to ODU magick. You relate the province’s properties (such as Ulster and it’s constant state of conflict) with the appropriate item (such as Nuada’s Sword) and call upon those specific qualities in a spell.

What winds up happening is the Ancient Ireland is invoked, along with the Treasure’s powers, and that adds fuel to the “fire” of the spell.

Anyhow, I dedicated the items I have representing those treasures the other night, and now I’m going to use them tonight in a spell I wrote to bring me a job. I’m invoking all the Hallows (Treasure/Province combination) and 4 seperate deities for this and I’m going to be asking them for a favor. Now, I have already sacraficed things to them, so hopefully I will get what I wish.

See, according to what I have learned, it’s a quid pro quo way of doing things. You are trying to build a relationship with these deities, and if you are asking them to do a favor for you, you have to do a favor for them. In many cases it can be something simple, but they do accept things that are extraordinary.

For instance, in preparation for this, I went and donated blood. Now, Lugh’s spear has to rest in a bucket of blood (the tales say puppy blood, but I think he wouldn’t pass up human if he could get it) or it will try to kill people approaching him. So I offered the sacrafice of my blood to him before I ask him for a favor. For Tailtu, one of the other goddesses I plan on asking there, I plan on burning a copy of the article [2] I wrote for her. I’m 99% sure that She will like this.

I’ll have to ask, but I don’t think there will be a problem with me posting a copy of the spell to the Journal once it’s finsihed.

So that’s going on and then there is regular work too. Plus Rhiannon is gone still and we are expecting her back about August 2nd. Mary misses her desperately, and I miss her somewhat too.

I have a few more articles that are making, one on “Incorporating the Gods into our daily life” and research/personality articles for Lugh, Bile, and Aongus.

So that’s it for now.