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Well, I have several books to review, so it’s time for an update to


DAVEN’S READING LIST (insert echo effect)

The Witches’ Sabbats

Mike Nichols
Acorn Press
ISBN 0-9710050-2-8

Advancing the Witches’ Craft

Lord Foxglove
New Page Books
ISBN 1-56414-811-4

Magic of the Celtic Otherworlds

Steve Blamires
ISBN 0-7387-065704

Exploring the Pagan Path

Many Authors
New Page Books
ISBN 1-56414-788-6

I have most of the articles from The Witches’ Sabbats memorized, and it should be a fast read. Could have a review up by the end of the week. The KEWL thing is that I was asked for a cover blurb for that book specifically, and it appears on Acorn’s website about this book. Mike sent me a copy, autographed and dedicated to ME. How cool is that?

As for the rest, I can probably get Exploring done fairly fast, it is a collection of articles from various people. The other two however are going to be interesting.

EDIT: Just so you don’t get the wrong impression, I am not going out and buying these books. The publisher gives me these gratis with the understanding that I will review it. This sometimes helps sales, sometimes hurts sales. I’m not buying these, I get them free.