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Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

Well, I saw this on Deborah Lipp’s Site and I have to answer:

Put simply legislating morality is an exercise in futility and plain wrong.

Let me be clear here, I don’t like abortions. I thnk there aretoo many people out there who want children who would do a good job raising them (and I mean single fathers, mothers and homosexual couples as well) to have a fetus aborted.

But let me be equally plain: It is not my place to say to another what they can and can’t do with their life, their body and their karma. Trying to create laws that force the moral structure of one group on another is stupid.

That’s what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran and so on. One religious group decided that women are second class citizens and only good for having more men, and thus force them to dress in certain proscribed ways. Those that don’t are executed for refusing to conform, sometimes to the point of letting a school full of girls burn to the ground with their wives and daughters within simply becaue they don’t have the right headcovering on.

I know the arguments for those ladies wearing head scarves, and if they wish to participate, that’s good. But to force it with laws is not right.

Either a person behaves in the manner their morals direct them to do, or they do not. My morals and ethics are not anyone else’s. This is true even for my wife and daughter, and it is how it should be.

So the current crop of people who wish to force everyone to live by their particular moral compass irritate me to no end.

To tell my daughter that she MUST have a child she can’t afford, that is the product of Rape, that is putting her in danger of her life, that she is not emotionally or menatlly ready to raise, that she will hate (as an example), is criminal. It is counter to everything that makes a person a decent human being.

The Pro-Life movement is trying to save the life of a potential child, and that is a good thing. But here’s the problem with that: If they are Pro-Life, why does that same subset of humanity scream so loudly for the deaths of criminals, and why do they love their guns so much? It seems that a life is only important before it’s born, not while it is alive (or there would be no starvation in America) or at the end of its span (or those Mothers and Fathers wouldn’t be abandonded in “Retirement Homes”).

But they are going about it in the wrong way. Political pressure, laws against and “abstinance only” programs are only going ensure that when it’s necessary for one of them that they are the criminals. Preservation of life is wonderful, then we need to do something about population control (education), starvation and filthy water, plague and other humanitarian activities. THEN we can talk about making abortion illegal, but only when they show a commitment to ALL life, not just those they feel are worthy.

Besides, it is never anyone’s place to tell another what they can and can’t do. Either their morals will allow them to do it or not, it’s that simple. Trying to force them to do it, well, that was called Slavery.

Oh, wait. It still is.

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