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Birth Rite


[Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Scribe or Covener: There is an addition to our number. Let us hive him/her due welcome.

[Parents move to stand across the Altar from the Priest and Priestess. They hold the Baby.]

Priest: What is the name of this Child?

[Parents give the child’s name. This is the name it will be known by until old enough to choose it’s own name.]

Priest: We welcome you, (Name).

Priestess: Welcome, and much love to you.

[Priestess dips her fingers in the Salted Water and gently wipes them over the baby’s face. Mother then passes the child through the smoke of the incense.]

Priestess: May our Lady Freya and her Consort Woden
Smile ever upon you.
May they guard you and guide you through this life.
May they help you choose that which is right
And shun that which is wrong;
That no harm may befall you,
Or others through you.
So be it!

All: So be it! Welcome!

[Next comes Cakes and Ale.]

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.

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