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Thank you one and all who were sending me energy for my back. The doctor says that it’s a nearly miraculous recovery. The muscles got strengthened enough that the disc slipped back into place without much problem and I’m something like 80% pain free now.

As the doctor explained it to me, the muscle pulled, some of the fibers snapped and ripped, and that weakened everything enough that the disc in my spine was able to squeeze out somewhat, making a kind of balloon of itself where it was trying to escape. Apparently I was damned lucky that I had the back tone I have because if it was any worse, the disc would have escaped or ruptured. As it is, just that little poked out, but it was held in place by what muscles I had in my back, and when I started the exercises, and started getting the energy and doing what I was supposed to be doing, the disc was pushed back into place and the muscles bandaged it.

I’m still going to have to be VERY careful, for the next few months ANYTHING can screw this up again. I’m going to have to keep up the exercises and stretches. I’m also going to have to watch that area for the rest of my life as it will always be weak in that area, but you and I managed to keep me out of a trip to the hospital and very expensive surgery.

Thank you. Take a cookie out of petty cash.

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