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Belief in Metaphysics

I read forums and I see some comments that worry me. It’s not a trend yet, but it could get there rapidly.

The doubt in what is happening.

I say “you need to open your third eye and you can see….” then I see a post right after that going “but I can’t do that, I have never had the ability, I don’t know how, I can’t….”

As Richard Bach so elequently put in his book “Illusions”: Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.

You cannot have a system based on belief, where willpower is everything, and then say things like “I can’t”. That sets up a pattern in your subconscious that says you will not be able to.

Words have power, they have effects that we don’t know about until looking back over time to see what caused problems in our lives. I decided that money wasn’t important to me, and now I am perpetually on the thin edge of poverty. But with metaphysics and with magick, you have to believe and once you do that, you can accomplish your goals.

I’m not talking hubrus here, nor am I talking about an inflated ego, or anything like that. I’m talking about a real, honest assessment of your abilities and confidence in those abilities. Until that happens, growth and progress will always be held up.

Saying that you have not been able to until now is fine. Saying that you don’t have the skill to do something yet is also acceptable. Saying you can’t is unacceptable. As my father used to say “Can’t never could do anything.”

First and foremost you HAVE to have a belief in your self. The first thing is to believe you can do it, that you can accomplish what you need to. That you can do this job you have never done before. That’s primary and without this step nothing else can be done. After that, you have to have confidence in your ability to learn a new skill and retain that knowledge. Then it’s a matter of actually learning the skill and putting it in practice.

Now, this is not saying that there is no room for improvment. Honest evaluation is the key here. Look at what you have done and accomplished. You can probably do it better, different, quicker, more skilled. But the point is that you actually did it. And that is something that should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Saying you can’t cast a spell or open your chakras is an excuse in my opinion for not trying. I have problems doing multiple things, from writing to designing to house repair to seeing to pleasing my boss. Each and every time I work my backside off to keep from saying “I can’t” followed by a litany of excuses. All that does is give me permission to actually not be able to. I at least try several times to accomplish my goal before tabling the attempts for another time. Please note that I don’t quit. I keep trying over time. It’s possible that what I can’t accomplish today might be possible tomorrow.

But in each and every case I do not quit. I don’t set myself up for failure by saying “I can’t.”

I want “can’t” to be removed from all metaphasician’s lexicon. It is the most self destructive trend I have seen, one that affects every area of life since magick and metaphysical ability is so self improvment oriented, and if you aren’t confident in your own ability, you will not be able to accomplish your desires.

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