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A Military Witch

(Note from Daven:  I place this here because, as a former member of the Army myself, I feel for those who are trying to perform their rituals in that too regimented atmosphere.  I would argue one point in this, however.  I too was at Fort Benjamin Harrison, but back in 1987-88 and I performed several pagan ceremonies there, just not openly with the blessings of the Officers.  Keep this triumph in mind when you are in the Military, and remember those soldiers down in Fort Hood, TX and all the problems they went through to get their Coven launched.  Use your head.)

A Military Witch

by Morgan Beard

Being a professional soldier in the U.S. Army is not a profession one tends to associate with the religion of Wicca. I was surprised when I first heard of Wiccans in the armed forces, and even more surprised a short time later to find myself in the Army—Reserves, that is. However, once the shock wore off, one of my immediate concerns was: How could I practice my religion while training?

The Burning Times Myth

(Note from Daven:  Let me be clear; this is NOT my article.  I have reprinted it here with the original author’s permission.  I think this is one of the best articles of this type that I know of, and it points a lot of facts out to us all.  I advise that everyone read this, read this, read this.  The original article can be found at http://www.anglo-saxon.demon.co.uk/Skvala/burning.html)

by Arlea Æðelwyrd Hunt-Anschütz

witch burning

 “Never again the burning times!” This familiar motto recalls a modern myth popular in Wicca and Witchcraft circles that tells how millions of Goddess worshippers practicing “the Old Religion” in were hunted down, tortured and burned during the 15th-18th centuries by a Christian Church desperate to eliminate the last remaining Pagans in Europe. This myth, or various permutations of it, continues to be taught as “well known historical fact” in many Wicca 101 courses and Intro to Witchcraft lectures. It is frequently referred to in books and articles written by Wiccans for Wiccans. These days, the theory that the victims of the Great Witch Hunt were Pagans is given about as much credence by academic historians as the theory that aliens from another planet built the pyramids. But although it’s rejected by those who have actually analyzed the evidence, the Burning Times Myth continues to be unquestioningly accepted by many modern witches, and must therefore serve some psychological or sociological purpose. But could this same purpose be better served by discarding the myth in favor of the truth?


(Note from Daven:  I combined two separate articles dealing with the Aura into this one article.  It seems appropriate, since one talks about what the Aura is, and the other gives you a basic on what the Aura colors mean.)

Your Aura and You

By Wayne Bisso

Imagine yourself encased in an energy field the shape of an egg, an egg that is made up of a sort of nonphysical liquid substance which responds to every movement that your body makes and every thought your mind thinks. It is almost undetectable, unless… you pay very close attention to it. If you can visualize this you now have a vague description of this energy known throughout time in memorial at the aura.

Besides being responsive to the movement of the physical body, the energy also moves or flows within its own sphere pretty much the same way blood flows though the physical body’s circulatory system, and just like the veins and arteries of our physical body our nonphysical system of energy flow can also become clogged or restricted. It is with this very type of problem in mind that this article is being written.

Paint Your Face Blue!

(Note from Daven:  I saw this recipe, and I just couldn’t resist.  Might be fun to do on one Samhain.  Really scare the socks off the Fundies.  LOL)

Paint Your Face Blue!

by: Kaylinn Iceni

Did you watch Braveheart and wish that you too could paint your face blue and charge around screaming, shouting and scaring English people? Well, now you can (although I wouldn’t recommend the latter unless you enjoy getting arrested, there are groups about who will let you do it officially while participating in mock-battles).

The chemical the ancients used to dye both skin and clothes, is called indigo and it is still used today in large quantities to dye jeans. It can be found in quite large amounts in the plant Indigo, but more famously can also be extracted from Isatis tinctoria-also known as Woad.

Woad grows easily in moderately warm climates such as northern Europe, and where it does grow it does so voraciously- So much so in fact that in some states of the USA it is illegal to grow it at all. This problem can be solved however, by cutting back all but a few plants every two years (it grows biennially) before it has a chance to seed. In places where the plant is illegal to grow you should still be allowed to purchase ready grown samples from suppliers, but please do check.

Christian View of What Wiccans Believe pt 2

<– continued from


(I must make a digression here. It is true what this man says here. But remember that it is only true if YOU BELIEVE IN HIS RULES. By our very religion, we do not believe in any of this and never will, so who’s rules are we violating? A God whom we honor, but whom we don’t give homage to? An individual person? It does not matter what someone else’s religion says we are doing, because WE DON’T BELIEVE IT. So given that, none of this has any authority or power over us, only the Christians. This is a very important distinction since you will hear things like this thrown at you all the time by the Bible-thumpers. They will try to use their rules to force you to do as they say. It is analogous of obeying the laws of Angola while living in the USA and being an American citizen. And having an Angolan citizen try to force you to follow his country’s laws. It is ludicrous and beyond belief that anyone would apply their standards to you and me. But unfortunately, it happens far too often. Daven)


by Okana@aol.com

May the Circle of Life bless you with its Rainbow of Peace!

May each day’s golden sunrise breathe life into your quest for knowledge…
…and mid-day’s red fire strengthen your courage and teach you trust.

May the healing of cool sunset waters bathe you with caring plans for the future …
…and you be wrapped in a midnight blanket of gratitude and wisdom.

May you dance in the rhythms of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon…
…and feel abundance and stability from the warm comfort of Mother Earth.

May you soar to reach lofty goals with the graceful flight of the Winged Ones…
… and know instinctively like the Creature Beings when to work and laugh, sleep and play.

May your talents and abilities blossom like the beautiful plants of the Standing Tribe …
…and your voice discern whether to speak or keep silent from the record-keeping Stone People.

May you humbly learn the magnitude of the universe at the feet of the twinkling Star Nation…
…and take joy in the luminous tapestry woven of people of all colors, languages, and beliefs.

The Mysteries of the Ogham

(Note from Daven:  This is an excellent article on one of the basics of Celtic Life.  The Ogham.  It is the basis of most of their poetry, literature, and their knowledge.  Look it over and look over that which we have on the Druids, and I think you will start to agree with me.)

The Mysteries of the Ogham-Part One

By Kenneth R. White

The script known as Ogham (oh-m) may have been a product of the Celtic peoples coming into contact with cultures who had already developed a written language; however, it is more than likely that the script developed independently. We know that the Druids used the Greek alphabet for private matters, committing none of their lore to writing. Most of our present day knowledge of Ogham comes to us from the Book of Ballimote, which was written in about the fourteenth century. Like the other texts used to teach medieval students, its sources are far older and lost to us. Ogham is to a long and cumbersome a system to use for writing large texts. The practical use of ogham seems to have been limited to ceremonial or short inscriptions. The physical evidence suggests that Ogham was used for short inscriptions and in fact there are many such examples carved along the edges of stones. Most of these Ogham stones are found in Ireland and Wales though there are a few of them located in Scotland and England. Since Ogham is not practical for writing by hand there must have been some other use. This is where we begin our journey into Ogham as a spiritual or magical system. The Ogham letters themselves were said to have been created by the God Ogma, after whom they are named, From a seventh century Irish text, Auraicept na n’Eces, we are told:

The Coming of Lugh

by Iarwain

Lugh the Il-Dana came to the Tara
Lugh Samildanach came to the palace of the Tuatha De
Lugh, master of all arts, came to Eireann

The gate keeper did not recognize Lugh
The gate keeper asked the Il-Dana his name
The gate keeper asked Lugh Samildanach what skill he possessed

Lugh said:

I am Lugh Samildanach
I am Lugh the Il-Dana
I am Lugh, master of battle

The gate keeper said:

We have no need of a battle master
King Nuada de Danann is our battle master
Nuada Airgitlamh is our battle master

Lugh said:

I am Lugh Samildanach
I am Lugh the Il-Dana
I am Lugh, master of healing

The gate keeper said:

We have no need of a master of healing
Diancecht de Danann is our master healer
Diancecht is master of all herbs and healings

Lugh said:

I am Lugh Samildanach
I am Lugh the Il-Dana
I am Lugh, master of knowledge

The gate keeper said:

We have no need of a master of knowledge
Oghma de Danann is master of all learning
Oghma is master of all knowledge

Lugh said:

The Five Brothers

By Sunset Symphony

There once were five brothers,
standing alone on the shore.
All were the same as the others,
yet variant from each of the four.

One looked to the East, and cried,
“I can stand my bonds no more!”
With that, the brother took to sky,
leaving behind the other four.

He soared, he swooped, he circled ’bout,
Until, at last, he found a perch.
He sighed, “I’ve landed without
a thing but a warm spot in this birch.”

There still were five brothers,
and four alone by a tree.
All were the same as the others,
yet variant from those same three.

One looked to the South, and howled,
“A grander life lies there for me!”
He grunted, snorted, then he growled,
then darted off, abandoning the three.

He ran, he bellowed, and more he ran.
At length, he stumbled and fell cold.
He sobbed, “I’ve run all that I can!
I could not last to reach my goal.”

And yet remained five brothers,
with three under the sky’s blue.
All were the same as the others,
while standing apart from the two.


(Note from Daven:  I found this document when I was researching for Imbolic ceremonies for a Historical group I am involved with (Ancient Sites, if you must know) and I liked this so much, I copied it to my local computer.  Glad I did now.)


Brigit was one of the great Triple Goddesses of the Celtic people. She appeared as Brigit to the Irish, Brigantia in Northern England, Bride in Scotland, and Brigandu in Brittany.

Many legends are told about Brigit. Some say that there are three Brigits : one sister in charge of poetry and inspiration who invented the Ogham alphabet, one in charge of healing and midwifery, and the third in charge of the hearth fire, smithies and other crafts. This catually indicates the separate aspects of her Threefold nature and is a neat division of labor for a hard-working goddess.