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Mary Speaks about the Mark Ventimiglia debacle

I am speaking about a battle now. It was literally bloodless but painful none the less. I refuse to get involved in the pagan community any more. I am tired of the petty arguments the airheaded ones the bickering, backstabbing, fluffier than thou, the christian fanatics in disguise and the patronizing twits who think they know more than anyone else.

My dear heart is another story. He feels compelled to do reach out to speak as a voice of moderation. He takes his job seriously and is careful to be reasonable and trys to see others point of view.

Recently Raymond Buckland appointed someone to speak for him regarding Seax Wicca. This person as it turns out was less than Ideal for the post. As a flaming member of PETA, Ubervegetarian, and rabid homophobe, he would not be a voice of reason. In fact, he started handing out edicts left right and center.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seax Wicca, one of it’s founding ideals is that it is local not national. In other words, No one has the right to tell a coven what to do, they decide on their own. Hmmm… doesn’t sound much like the fanatic does it? Well, no it doesn’t.

Mary Speaks!

[5/23/03 7:05 PM | Mary Landrum]
I have watched Daven’s Growth and maturation with such joy. He is now taking the sept I have waited for, self validation of what I have known for a long time, he is worthy to wear the double helixed snakes on his wrists.

His writing has improved so much that there is little for his “editor” to do anymore and that is a wonderful thing as it leaves me able to read and learn from him.

Originally posted 2003-05-23 19:14:05. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Random Name Generator

By Theresa (Mary)

Inspired by and dedicated to Lady Pixie Moondrip, with humility and gratitude to her for her most sage council regarding the most important task of choosing a craft name.

This generator is exactly 99 names long, do no seek to tamper with the numerology so carefully wrought, for 99 is 3 3’s twice and when added together 9 + 9 = 1 8 and when added together 1 + 8 = 9 also. It took at least 5 minutes to dream that up and I don’t want my hard work spoiled!

You must use the generator 3 times only for again it is the fulfillment of your spirit guide/totem/guardian/teacher/deity’s wishes for your craft name.

NOTE: There are 6 columns and 17 lines this means that there are 3 blank boxes. If you have randomly chosen a blank box, this indicates that ______ (insert name of deity that you worship here) wishes you to only have 2 craft names and not three. When you are ready and have worked really hard the 3rd or even 4th name will be made know to you by _____ (insert name of deity that you worship here)

The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals

Mary K. Greer
ISBN 1-56718-285-2
Series: Special Topics in Tarot

Reviewed by: Lady Theresa

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I applaud Llewellyn Publications for bringing out a book devoted to the more esoteric aspects of Tarot. They have promised that this is the first of a series of book and I will look forward to the second volume.

I anxiously awaited the arrival of this book and am pleased to report that the wait was not in vain. Mary K. Greer, noted author, lecturer, and Grandmaster of the American Tarot Association has written a compelling, readable book.

I found the work to be logical in lay out, as well as being well footnoted and researched. There has long been a need for more advanced books within many different and over lapping areas of study, “201” courses if you will. This admirably suits that need by not only offering the author’s preferences for the understanding of reversed cards but other’s choices as well.

For those planning to use this as a reference work, the index and bibliography are clear and easy follow and use. Since more and more people research information online, I very much appreciated the fact that not just books and magazines were referenced.

A Samhain Poem

Summer’s end The grain is safe the harvest in.
Greet the missing you’re lonely for,
                let them know how much and more.
Hopes and loves and fears desires.
They’re comfort feel for these short hours.

Then the new year begins cold as a baby being born,
                breaths and stretches on this morn.
Time to learn structure and the Oak King to go.
The Holly King rules for now you know.

Hunter in the season of meat
                Protector of the tribe in the darkest of time.
Sleeps the Lady to her rest ’til Spring
                and she’ll wake with joy and delight the earth growing new life bringing
                fresh earth smell and new tender fruit, the youngest of life.

Originally posted 2011-06-28 19:53:28. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

The Philosophy of “IS”

I spent many years studying, reading thinking and meditating about life. Most of my questions tended to be of the “Why” variety. Why evolution, why creation, why eggs, why the Holocaust, Why is there suffering, why do good people die while bad ones prosper, lots of whys.

Finally blindingly one day the answer to everything, every philosophical question ever asked, including the ones above came to me. It reconciled all conflicts of religion, faith, reason, solves all problems and concerns.

The answer was IS. Why did evolution come up with people? IS. Why is creationism correct? IS. It is to put it simply acceptance that any and every thing is incomprehensible it just IS.

Sometimes IT IS can be used to expand the belief and further explain it to those who may need more than a single word philosophy. There are those who have turned a bit from the purity of the one word and insisted on body language as well as a longer sentence, (shrug) “It just IS.” Something I believe every parent has said to every child after an indeterminate number of “Why’s?” have been asked.

Song to Awake Rhiannon

(Note from Daven: This is a poem my wife “channeled” one year a LONG time ago when we were correcting a set of documents we had in our possession. It was moving up on Ostara, which in our practice is when Rhiannon awakens from her sleep in the Winter, and prepares to take up her duties on Beltane. Herne has been without Her for three months, and misses His Lady terribly. This is His plea to Her to awaken and be with Him before He has to sleep at Litha.)

Song to Awake Rhiannon

By Mary

Herne came to me and said:

Awaken sweet wife, for I am lonely and need You.
Feel the power of my love for You, the heat of my Sun shining on You.

Hear the Birds, Your children calling to You to arise for they are alone and need You.
Springtime is here My love AWAKE! I beg You. AWAKE for I need You.

Without You there is no life and We are They who are the givers of life.
Without You there is no love and We are They who are the givers of love.
Without You I am lost and alone and We are They who are One.