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Posts by Erin:

Self Initiation for the Solitary Witch

by Shanddaramon
New page books, 2004 $14.99
ISBN 1-56414-726-6

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

I received this book as part of several books that New Page sent me to be reviewed. At first I thought it was a good thing for us to have another book for the solitary witch. There are aspects of solitary practice that needs to be updated to what current practices are. While the idea that is a good one and there is a definite need for a book of this type, the execution in this particular case leaves much to be desired.

This book is far from useless. There is quite a lot of information contained within this book that is valuable to the average new practitioner. The problem of this that the information that is in here is duplicated in nearly every Wicca 101 book on the market.

The author obviously did a great deal of research and put quite a bit of thought into this work. I will always commend those who do the research instead of simply regurgitating other’s writings. The information contained in this book and is complete and well researched. Known information is presented with a new spin on it that would make an experienced practitioner stop and think.

Types of Witches

I want to talk about the “Types of Witches” for a moment.

I see a lot of posts here and in other groups asking “what kind of a witch am I?” and usually nothing more. Almost as common is “how can I find out what kind of a witch I am?”

Let me state this clearly: There is absolutely NO reason to determine this within the first 5 years of your practice. Before then, you are searching, learning, perfecting skills, and if you try to force yourself into a type before then, you limit yourself.

I’m a HedgeWalker, DragonWitch, KitsuneWitch. I work with Dragons and Kitsune in my magickal work, and it has taken me years to build a relationship with them. But as part of that, I also know how to grow herbs, do KitchenWitch or HearthWitch work, I can make potions, candles, jewelry, leatherwork. I can do guided meditations, I can do Tarot and Rune readings. I’ve taught all these subjects to others in the past. I know of theories with the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Celts, Shinto, and many many more skills. This is over nearly 30 years of active practice, and a very WIDE range of reading when I was 4-23 or so thanks to my grandmother.

Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone

By Lupa
Immanion Press, 2006, $21.99 US
ISBN 1-905713-01-0

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When Lupa asked me to do this review, I was of two minds. I thought “well a GOOD book on animal magick would be a wonderful thing for the community.” The other part of me thought “I doubt this is going to be that book.”

I LOVE it when I’m wrong.

This is not a book that is an encyclopedia about the Spirit Animals or what they do or don’t do. There are tons of other resources for that.

This book gives you practical information on working with not only the Spirit Animals, but also with familiars and those who see themselves as being animals in some regard. It talks about things like lycanthropy and how to call a familiar to you. It also discusses things like combining your energy with that of the animals you are dealing and working with.

One Nation Under God

Vincent M. Wales
DGC Press, 2004 $15.95
ISBN 0-9741337-0-1

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I have to admit, when the publicist approached me and asked me to review this book, I was somewhat cautious. I don’t normally review fiction, nor do I review books that don’t talk about Paganism in general. I have made a few exceptions for one reason or another. This time I’m very glad I did.

This book is a dystopian look at what could happen if the current policies in America are continued forward into the 2020’s. There are only a few characters, the President’s daughter, a man named Jude and another named “Thomas Paine”. The President is a fundamentalist Christian, and his family is as well. Their best friend is Gene Sisco (a copy of Jerry Falwell) who blames the current state of America on Pagans, Gays, Satan and any other scapegoat he can find. Additionally, Congress is Conservative and Christian, and the Supreme Court is also ultra conservative and ultra Christian.

So, as one may surmise given this setup, there starts a chain of events that affects everyone in the book, and the nation as well.

My Copyright Page

Well, circumstances have conspired to force me to come up with a Copyright page, laying out in plain terms what uses of my work are acceptable and which are not.

I really didn’t want it to come to this, but I’m seeing more and more theft of intellectual property from more and more sites.  It seems that certain fluffy members of the Canar communities can’t be bothered with writing their own damned material, they have to go and take other people’s work.  With this statement, I hope to avoid the accusation of “I didn’t tell anyone”.

People, I work long and hard for the money I need to support my family.  I do this journal in my spare time.  I write my lessons in my spare time.  I do everything that has to do with Canaric life, Paganism, Druidism, Wicca and spirituality in my spare time.  This means that in many cases I short change my family to write what you see here.  Seeing this posted to other people’s sites, without my name or my email address on it PISSES me off to no end, and it’s illegal.  I don’t mind you taking it and using it, but doing so without permission and claiming it as YOUR work, or worse, as “unattributed” makes me see red.  If this continues, I will pull this site entirely and sic some lawyers on you all.  I watch for my work appearing elsewhere, and I do notify offenders.

The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft

by Raven Grimassi
Llewellyn Publications, 2002
ISBN 1-56718-257-7

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Well, this is certainly the heaviest book I got in recent months. It is 470 pages long, not counting the advertisements in the back, and almost as big as a standard sheet of paper. I believe that this size is what is called “Trade Paperback” in publishing circles.

I assume that they made this book this big because any other size format would have made for an unwieldy book. This book is literally packed with information, more information than appeared in Doreen Valente’s excellent work (An ABC of Witchcraft).

I believe that this book is an excellent companion to her work.

In many ways, Doreen’s work set the standard for all others. I have seen several books that claim to be complete encyclopedias of Pagan Material, or ESP or so on, but this book is the only one to live up to that claim. In addition to that, where Doreen’s work ends with the historical material, Raven’s work picks up and continues on to present day. It mentions many prominent pagans in the current communities, many issues that are contemporary to our practice now, rather than restating the same things that are already covered in other tomes.


by Dorothy Morrison
Llewellyn Publications, 2000
ISBN 1-56718-496-0

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This is another in the “Sabbats” offerings from Llewellyn, and it lives up to the same high standards as the previous titles in this series.

Dorothy Morrison is a wonderful author with several innovative ideas that I found truly refreshing. Considering that this particular season and holiday is probably THE most written about holiday in the Western World, that’s saying a lot.

For example, she has an innovative method of harvesting a Yule tree. First she finds the tree and makes friends with it. Then on the day she wishes to cut the tree, she asks the tree to move it’s spirit deep into the tap root, and she cuts off the section of the tree that the spirit has fled from. She knows where that is, and ties a rope around the trunk about 8 inches off the ground. Once all that is done, she cuts the tree. By way of thanks and care for the tree, she then inserts fertilizer sticks into the ground around the stump of the tree to encourage it to regrow the top of the tree. She also comes back several times to give it more fertilizer and talk to the tree. Thus she encourages the trees she has cut from to regrow their tops. I don’t know if she returns and re-harvests trees but I would bet she could.

The Soap Opera of Mark Continues….

Links relevant:

October 27, 2003

Well, truthfully, while I would wish that this would all just die, the saga of Mark V goes on. He apparently found the Notice, and went crazy. So, here is the new sets of crap he’s sending my way. I share this only as information for each of you, FYI. I’m ignoring it, not taking any action one way or another.

I will address certain accusations as they come up, however.

I guess it started with this email:

From:mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 2:56 AM
Subject: You are all a bunch of whiny bastards. Hahaha

Hey you, yeah YOU. hahaha. I am laughing at you and ALL those who associate with you. You are all a bunch of whiny bastards. Hahaha! You claim to disassociate yourselves from ME? HA! I dissed YOU queers and animal killers BEFORE you dissed me. You writing that disassocation notice about me is like the whiny employee telling the boss that he quits AFTER the boss has already fired him. Hahaha. Hey, you ever hear that country song about the singer who makes more money every time the tabloids runs his name in the ground? Well, keep the bad press coming cause it is earning me a fortune! I recently got my statements from the past 6 months of sales from the Wiccan Rede adn the Wiccan Prayerbook and I must say I am pleasantly impressed!

Random Digressions

Random firing of the synapses

Message: Random thoughts
Author:Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 16, 2000 00:01

Pop Culture Magick

By Taylor Ellwood
Immanion Press, 2004 £12.99 UK, $20.99 US
ISBN 1-9048-5307-2

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★½ 

I’ll admit that when I first heard of this book, I was really skeptical. When it was published, I didn’t know Taylor, and I remember the calls that he was a sellout, a poser and an idiot. That a book based on popular culture and especially the “Buffy Summoning” was just a stupid, fluffy concept. I refrained from commenting because I hadn’t read the book, but to me it sounded interesting since at its core, Chaos magick uses the same concept.

Now I’ve read this book and I think it deserves an honored place next to “Oven Ready Chaos”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that book, it is considered to be a seminal work of Chaos Magick.

I will state this from the outset, this is not a book for a novice magickian. It is a book that it dense with information and it makes HUGE assumptions as to the reader’s experience level and knowledge. This is a text that pretty much requires that the reader be very familiar with their own magickal system and that they have multiple years of experience casting spells and manifesting their desires.