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An author, a Wiccan, a Druid, a Priestess, a member of the ULC, Owner of Erin's Journal, mystic, magickian, DragonKin, Guardian and Transsexual. All these and more describe Erin.

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Advancing the Witches Craft

By Lord Foxglove
New Page Books, 2005 $19.99
ISBN 1-56414-811-4

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When I received this book from New Page, I had a couple things strike me. First to hit me was that it looked to be one of those books that propose to do a lot and teach a lot and miserably fail at the job. The second was that this book, unlike any other metaphysical/NewAge/spiritual book I’m aware of, had a CD in it.

No, not a Certificate of Deposit, but a real audio CD to play in the CD player in your car or the one with the headphones from your kid’s room. I saw that and was stopped for a minute or two.

The only other books I have ever seen with a CD in them were “how to” books for computers. How to use Microsoft Office, how to write in HTML, how to program in Visual C++, how to use Outlook 98 and so on. This was the first I had ever heard of that was in a metaphysical book. So I thought it was for listening to in the car.

My Copyright Page

Well, circumstances have conspired to force me to come up with a Copyright page, laying out in plain terms what uses of my work are acceptable and which are not.

I really didn’t want it to come to this, but I’m seeing more and more theft of intellectual property from more and more sites.  It seems that certain fluffy members of the Canar communities can’t be bothered with writing their own damned material, they have to go and take other people’s work.  With this statement, I hope to avoid the accusation of “I didn’t tell anyone”.

People, I work long and hard for the money I need to support my family.  I do this journal in my spare time.  I write my lessons in my spare time.  I do everything that has to do with Canaric life, Paganism, Druidism, Wicca and spirituality in my spare time.  This means that in many cases I short change my family to write what you see here.  Seeing this posted to other people’s sites, without my name or my email address on it PISSES me off to no end, and it’s illegal.  I don’t mind you taking it and using it, but doing so without permission and claiming it as YOUR work, or worse, as “unattributed” makes me see red.  If this continues, I will pull this site entirely and sic some lawyers on you all.  I watch for my work appearing elsewhere, and I do notify offenders.

One Nation Under God

Vincent M. Wales
DGC Press, 2004 $15.95
ISBN 0-9741337-0-1

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I have to admit, when the publicist approached me and asked me to review this book, I was somewhat cautious. I don’t normally review fiction, nor do I review books that don’t talk about Paganism in general. I have made a few exceptions for one reason or another. This time I’m very glad I did.

This book is a dystopian look at what could happen if the current policies in America are continued forward into the 2020’s. There are only a few characters, the President’s daughter, a man named Jude and another named “Thomas Paine”. The President is a fundamentalist Christian, and his family is as well. Their best friend is Gene Sisco (a copy of Jerry Falwell) who blames the current state of America on Pagans, Gays, Satan and any other scapegoat he can find. Additionally, Congress is Conservative and Christian, and the Supreme Court is also ultra conservative and ultra Christian.

So, as one may surmise given this setup, there starts a chain of events that affects everyone in the book, and the nation as well.

Morning Thought

You know, I have been reading and doing for several years now, and most of what I have seen is the same Wicca 101 basics presented over and over and over again. This is both online and in print books.

Lately, however, I have been seeing more books that take the basic concepts presented in the 101 format and they thuroughly explore those concepts, in many cases taking them to logical conclusions. Or they take those concepts and build upon them for the next order of information.

In other words, there seems to be a trend of Wicca 201 and Wicca 301 books coming to market, and this makes me VERY happy to see. I truly hope this trend continues.

Originally posted 2011-07-10 21:42:21. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Sisters of the Dark Moon

by Gail Wood
Llewellyn Publications, 2001
ISBN 0-7387-0095-9

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Well, this certainly lives up to it’s title. This is a book designed for all those out there who wish to explore the “darker” side of femininity.

While in and of itself, this is not a bad thing, there are any number of ways this could have been presented. Personally, I think the author did a wonderful job presenting it as she has.

For an overview, the book takes the Moon cycles of the New Moon (Dark Moon) and writes a series of rituals to perform to explore the Goddess aspect that she feels is associated with that moon. So, in the month of May, we have a ritual that can be done to get us closer to the Dark Aspect of the Gemini Moon. Working with the Goddess of that moon, The Twins who are the focus of Gemini, and other mythological aspects that are linked with that season’s moon.

The Four Powers

By Nicholas Graham
Megalithica Books, 2007 $21.99 US
ISBN 1-905713-04-5

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★★ 

About four years ago, I was looking around for books to recommend to the teens that came to me for training in Wicca. At the time the only book on the market was “Teen Witch” I didn’t think it was very good. I thought I should try to write my own.

With this book, Nicholas beat me to it.

The premise of this book is to make magick accessible for beginners, to teach them basic magickal theory allowing them to make changes in their own lives. With that as his goal he does an exceedingly good job. One point that I missed is that this is geared toward beginners, not specifically teens, but since most beginners are, in fact, teens, this book is absolutely appropriate for them.

While on the surface this may look similar to Deborah Lipp’s “The Way of Four”, instead of using an elemental model to describe basic magickal theory, Nicholas goes for the “the Four Powers” model of “To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Remain Silent”. All of the theory he demonstrates fits into one of those four classifications.

Morrighan Dream

Well, how does one describe being a channel for a Deity in a dream? That’s what just happened.

I was at a coven activity. I got the impression it was a Esbat, but I’m not sure. I do know that I saw everyone in terms of power flows and auras.

The person I was being was away from the main body of the ritual. Like a guardian or something. His purpose was to act as a buffer. He was not supposed to be interacting with the coven during this ritual.

There were two going on. One was an initiation of some sort for a child. My mind interperted this to be my daughter Rhiannon, but it was not her. The other was an advancement of another person, who needed the shit scared out of him.

One of the first things that happened when She showed up was for Her to talk to the person I was using. For a while there I was present, She was present and the person who was channeling us was presnet, all at the same time. I have no clue what She said to him, but we went to the ritual.

Why not 20 years?

Any modern student of Druidry will eventually hear that the ancients spent 20 years learning to become a full-fledged Druid.

It can be a daunting thought. All that studying and learning, just so one can talk to the Gods. Most of the time this number is simply accepted and then ignored. If one thinks about it at all, one may spend some time blessing a deity of choice that modern Druidism is not like that. With any diligence at all a student can expect to receive the title of Druid in just a couple years.

It occurred to me recently that some may question why no longer takes 20 years of study to achieve the honor, right and responsibility inherent in the title, Druid.

In order to closely examine why current Druidic schools (such as the ODU and OBOD) don’t require that amount of time, it would be helpful to understand what the Druids of old studied, and for how long, to comprehend why it took 20 years to achieve the degree of Druid.

Documents indicate the ancient Druidic candidate spent their time in the study of many different disciplines. They started at a young age, usually about 8, and until they were 28, they studied every aspect of druidism their teacher thought was important.

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
New Page Books, 2004 $18.99 US
ISBN 1-56414-711-8

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

(Update at Oberon’s Insistence:

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 


Let me say this right up front; this is not a simple review. In this book, like the subject matter it covers, nothing is simple.

That said, I will do my humble best to give my opinions of this work. Hopefully they will reflect the scope of this book, and somewhere in the average of my thoughts, you can find something for you.

Heavy is my one word summation. It is a weighty tome and it is also filled with a lot of mind altering information, thus making the subject matter heavy as well. This is not going to be a book you can read in one sitting, unless you are not going to practice the lessons contained within.

I must admit, when I first got this book, several things concerned me. First was the worry that any book written by committee is generally doomed to be bad. I guess it’s the “too many cooks…” syndrome always concerns me having read too many good ideas gone bad. I was also worried about the apparent reaching for the teen dollar. This book seems to be written almost exclusively for the tweeny and young teen market. (A “tween” is any person between the ages of about 9 and 12.) Later conversation with Oberon confirmed that he was writing specifically for the male between 9 and 12 with this book.

Spells and Power

One thing that I see on several LiveJournal communities I’m a member of is what is called “snarking”. Basically defined, this is making fun of someone who says or does something stupid. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who give free ammunition to the various group who do the snarking, simply by being who they are.

An example of this is the people who beg continually for permission to do something they want to do. It’s interesting to see them. They come into a group and say something like “would it be okay to hate my boyfriend for beating me up?” They are looking to get their natural urges validated by people they don’t even know. I can only assume that it is to get some kind of permission to do what they want to do.

The problem with that is that they are looking for that validation in a place they can’t get it from. They are looking to a bunch of strangers to receive permission to do what they should be doing.