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ErinAll about Erin - who has written 744 posts on Erin's Journal.

An author, a Wiccan, a Druid, a Priestess, a member of the ULC, Owner of Erin's Journal, mystic, magickian, DragonKin, Guardian and Transsexual. All these and more describe Erin.

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On Being a Priestess of the God

Or…Gender Roles in the Wiccan Clergy

Let’s face it; Wicca is, at its heart, a fertility religion. Once you strip away the rituals, the liturgy, the tools, it is all about promoting the fertility of the Land, the People and the Animals so that the tribe can continue to survive.

So how does this affect the Clergy?

It means that there are very defined roles in the Clergy. It means the Clergy has to keep that in mind when they perform their duties. Submissive desires in a Priest are not seen as a positive trait, neither is a priestess who no longer can have children. Strong virile “king of the herd” males are the optimum summer king choice. Young, nubile, fertile priestesses are wanted, and when you get too old to be fertile, you are gently retired to have a new Priestess take your place.

Where does the Transgendered person fit into this? I hope to explore some ideas and beliefs with you now.

Just what is a Priest or Priestess? They are the living representative of the Gods on Earth. They are the people the Tribe or Coven turns to so they can gain the insight of the Gods in their day-to-day life. Because of this it seems natural that a Priest would be speaking for the God, while a Priestess would speak for the Goddess.

Lesson 8: Mythology

Lesson 8, part 1: Mythology

All right, in this segment, we will look at some basics of Mythology, Gods and Goddesses.

Mostly, what one needs to understand when looking into mythology to any extent is that all mythology, from Christianity and the Bible, to Islamic and the Koran to the Druids and the Tain Bo and the Mabinogion, is that these are stories. That’s all. They are representations of a lesson to be learned, or a character to be explained, qualities to be pontificated on and so forth.

Our current mythology, in contemporary Western society, can be seen in the fables of Aesop, the books of our times, and also the movies that are popular. Epic stories about people that may or may not have existed, who are held up as models of behavior and honor.

An example of this: In one set of Irish myths, CuCulainn is a young boy and he kills a dog on a dare. It turns out it is the dog of a smith who raised this dog from a pup to guard him and his assets. Now without the dog, he has no protection. So CuCulainn (and the spelling differs) voluntarily takes on the job of guarding this man. The smith’s name is Culann and that is why CuCulainn is called what he is (his name means, literally, “hound of Culann”).

Are we growing up?

First Published on “The Juggler”

Several things have happened in the last 48 hours that had the potential to really affect the online world of Wicca and Witchcraft. First was the publication of an essay by Mike Nichols. Second was my rebuttal to it. Third was the featuring of a High Priestess on ABC’s Wife Swap. Last was the death of a long standing member of the community.

With the exception of the Lady’s death, all the expected drama has failed to start. None of the hate mail, none of the complaints, none of the wailing and recriminations. I expected long angsty posts about how this point was true and that one didn’t apply. I expected to see recriminations and accusations.

None of that has happened.

Apparently there have been others who have looked forward to that as well. I’ve had multiple hits to my site looking for the angst and articles on the Wife Swap. So many hits, in fact, that the article I had planned to put up sometime a week after the episode aired, forced me to put it up hours after that episode aired.

About “bunnyhunting” trends

I know I’ve spoken at length about going out and finding the idiots in Paganism and Wicca, and exposing them for the idiots they are.  But now I want to talk about the other side of that for a while.

While I have been out of the hunting business for a while now, there are those I’m friends with who are still out there in the communities, looking and reporting on trends in the groups of the new seekers, and the responses that the older and more experienced generations are having toward them.

This is where the downside of the hunting comes in.  There is a HUGE temptation to slather ALL new people with the same “bunny brush”.  To label the sincere and genuine seeker with the “fluffbunny” title, which makes it impossible for them to thereafter find real help in their spiritual journey.

So I want to talk about this trap in this essay.

The Four Faces

Direction North East South West
God Face Warrior Wanderer Hunter Sage
Goddess Face Guardian Maiden Mother Crone
Color Blue Green Brown Red
Element Air Water Earth Fire
Time of Life Pre-life Child/Tween Adulthood Elderly
Time of Day Early Morning Dawn/Morning Afternoon Evening/Sunset
Time of Moon Dark Quarter Full Three Quarter
Archangel Michael Gabriel Raphael Uriel
Season Winter Spring Summer Autumn

You will notice that there are 9 correspondences to each direction. This is deliberate. Although if you want to add one more because of the god/goddess face could be combined into one, please do so.

Originally posted 2009-11-15 01:13:23. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Ritual participation

So, here you are. You are standing in the Circle and now it’s your turn to do something during the ritual. All eyes turn to you, and now you…. do nothing. You freeze. The words can’t come out of your mouth….

Has this ever happened to you? Didn’t like how it felt did you? Well, I can now help you, but you have to do a few things for yourself at this point. For starters, you can read this whole article.

One of the benchmarks of your growing ability in Wicca or any Pagan religion is the request of the ritual leader that you take an active part in the ritual. It’s a moment both filled with joy and terror, at the same time. It is a sacred trust, one that shows that you are maturing and learning and becoming more of a person the leader can trust.

However, the terror part is natural too, and it relates to not wanting to look like a fool. It’s silly since in any lifetime we are guaranteed to look like a fool at one point or another, but this is human emotion we are talking about, and that doesn’t stand up to reason very well.

Lesson 5: Reincarnation and Pagan Beliefs

Message: I do understand but……
Author: Hmm…. – myst Niall

Date: May 22, 2000 16:04

given the ancients view of the earth as the “mother” of all, the force of all life, why would they assume she would be included in the cycle. Was it not her that made that cycle and controls how and why the wheel turns? As the force that is responsible for us all, does it not make sense that she would not seek to destroy herself? I speak of the way the ancients believed at the time they were carving into the rocks the downfall of our time in history.

You have definitely given me much to ponder on and a new insight into the world of predictions. In all truth Daven, my river is running much clearer these days *smiling*

Message: I have no idea
Author: ranting is – Fleury CuChulainn

Date: May 22, 2000 23:36

Spellcrafting for Teens

by Gwinevere Rain
Llewellyn Publications, 2002, $12.95 US
ISBN 0-7387-0225-0

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

I must say this up front: This is a cute book. The lime green cover and the pink dress on the female figure on the cover is cute. The interior decorations on every page is cute too, stars, diamonds, circles, pretty hearts and so on make this book cute.

Gwinevere does succeed where Silver RavenWolf didn’t in her book “Teen Witch”, this is MUCH better in describing what a Wiccan is and how we worship. This book is not just spells, spells, and more spells. There is actually practical advice, suggestions, thoughts and lessons.

I think Llewellyn is capitalizing on Gwinevere’s age to sell this book. Most of the content can be found in any other Wicca 101 book out there, and “Teen Witch” gives such information as is not covered in this book. It is my supposition that Llewellyn is trusting in the novelty of “a book on Teen Witchcraft, written by a teen” to sell this one. That and how cute this book is.

Thoughts on the “Broom Closet”

This is not so much an essay as simply a collection of thoughts that come from the term “broom closet”. I have tried to make this as coherent as possible. There is no central theme, no logical structure to these thoughts, no arguments or counterpoints. It is simply me taking the term “broom closet” and writing down what comes to mind when I think of it. Therefore, it skips and jumps around, like all thought does. Please forgive me if I don’t make much sense here, it’s not trying to confuse you truly.

“In the closet” is a term taken from the Homosexual community, to denote someone who is hiding or disguising their true nature, for fear of reprisal or hatred/derision due to their normal everyday nature. Because most pagans have to be witchy, “broom” was added to the front to make it Witch specific.

Understanding that most good ideas came from other places I can pass up my thoughts on how it’s terrible that we had to take a term from another oppressed/repressed group. It happens, and I’m sure that no one really minds.

The Witches’ Sabbats

By Mike Nichols 
Acorn Guild Press, 1985 and 2005, $14.00 US
ISBN 0-9710050-2-8

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★★ 

My first encounter with this work was when I was asked to write a cover blurb for it. I got details from the publisher, wrote a couple paragraphs saying how much I valued Mike’s work and the Sabbat series in specific, and I thought that was it. I did ask for a copy when it came out.

A few days ago I got an email from the publisher saying that Mike had an autographed copy for me. I sent the publisher my address and received the book yesterday.

Had I known it would be this good, I would have praised it even higher.

Anyone who has done any research on the Sabbats or taken some sort of Wicca 101 course has heard of Mike Nichols and more than likely read his works, whether they know it or not. These essays are the benchmark that many other essays on the Sabbats are compared to. I have referenced them myself in my classes on Wicca and Paganism and have the reprinted on Daven’s Journal, with permission of course.