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ErinAll about Erin - who has written 741 posts on Erin's Journal.

An author, a Wiccan, a Druid, a Priestess, a member of the ULC, Owner of Erin's Journal, mystic, magickian, DragonKin, Guardian and Transsexual. All these and more describe Erin.

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What has happened

Dear all.

Well, it’s happened. Poor financial decisions on my part has finally caught up to us and Mary, Rhiannon and I are being evicted.

The complex has said that we can stay if we can come up with $5900 to pay them off for everything, all the money we owe and the rents we haven’t been able to pay. So we are busy putting together all our belongings and are working on moving.

Currently the plan is this: We pack, we put everything in storage, we either live in a hotel for a while with the bare minimums to live on while there and look for someplace to live permanently, and then move into that. OR we put everything in storage, move in with a lady who has offered to put us up and then she and us move into a 3 bedroom apartment together and get our stuff back and fill the apartment. See flaws in these? We have seen them now.

Mary, Rhiannon and I have been discussing this most of yesterday and today and come to a decision, right now we pack.

Reflexology for Beginners

by David F. Vennells
Llewellyn, 2001 $9.95 US
ISBN 0-7387-0098-3

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Please understand something, this book has NOTHING to do with Wicca, Witchcraft, Magick or any esoteric practices that have been part of the occult in the past. This is a book on health, like a book on aromatherapy, massage, or a book of herbs. You must keep this in mind as you read this book.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reflexology, it is a preventative application of direct stimulus to the nerve endings in the feet and hands. Still confused? The theory of Reflexology states that by massaging nerve endings in the feet and hands a healthier body can be achieved and maintained, since all nerve terminate in the feet and hands. It is anecdotally proven over the years that it can aid the healing process.

Reflexology has migrated to America along with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chiropractic treatment, bowel health, warmed stones, Shiatsu massage and other forms of good Eastern pathways to good health. Herbal supplements have nothing on some of these disciplines.

This is a book for beginners of this discipline. It has a lot more information than just “how to”, but those critical instructions are there.

I can’t really say it better

This is a video that Ellen made up in response to the recent rash of gay/bullying suicides.

Not to detract from the whole story she just told, but I was victim of it too. I suffer from PTSD in regards to one incident where my sexuality and bullying was combined. I nearly killed myself that time. I was the butt of “jokes” from others who thought it would be funny to make a date with me and then stand me up.

This is not acceptable on any level.

Those of you who think it is, need to go to the psychologist worse than the victims of your “jokes” do.  This scars for life.  There is NO fixing it.

To my shame, I passed on the abuse to others.  I can’t make up for it, but when I found out that I had done so, I tried to make it right.  There is no fixing it, but the cycle can be stopped.

Originally posted 2014-09-18 08:53:27. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Consecration of Items and Tools

Any of the items to be used in the rituals, the ones to be used over and over, should be consecrated. This is the ritual cleansing of these items. Thus, the candles and incense and other items that will be used up need not be consecrated. This need only be done once for each item.

This will be written as though a Seax is to be consecrated. The wording should be changed to fit any working tool.

Witch: Mighty Woden and Lovely Freya, here is my Seax, a weapon in thine honor. Purify it for me, and help me to keep it pure in thy service.

[Witch places the Seax on the Altar between the Sword and censer. He dips his fingers in the Salted Water and sprinkles one side, then the other. He then holds it over the smoke of the incense, making sure it smokes all of the Seax. He then holds it high and says:]

Witch: Again here is my weapon. Symbolically I have washed away aught that is evil. I have covered it with the all-encompassing incense of all that I good. Let it always be pure in thy service. And let it keep and guard me from all harm, in all things wherein I shall use it. So be it, in the names of Herne and Rhiannon.

Sabbats: A witch’s approach to living the Old Ways

by Edain McCoy
Llewellyn Publications, 2002
ISBN 1-56718-663-7

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I originally got this book to go with the Sabbat Series that Llewellyn was putting out, one book on each of the Holidays of the year. I wanted to see what this book offered that these 8 books did not.

It’s interesting to see the contrasts. Edain does a credible job in presenting the material, despite the fact that just about every pagan author who has written a Wicca 101 book has written on the same subject. She avoids those references, as tempting as it must have been to use them. So, her book is packed with original material.

Now, make no mistake that this book is a one book reference on these holidays. It’s not. Witness the fact that Llewellyn felt it necessary to publish the other 8 books in the Sabbat Series.

This book, frankly, is a transition book from the brief references found in Wicca 101 books on the market to the Sabbat Series. It is a book that if taken by itself gives a lot of good information on these holidays, but not even a significant portion of what is available. It accomplishes it’s goal of being a “one work reference” for the Holidays.


What’s wrong with being new?

I see this mentioned many times on other blogs and articles, and I keep coming back to the central point of “what is wrong with being a new person in a religion?”

I know I’m pretty harsh with fluffies in this site. I don’t equate new people with fluffies however. Fluffies are those who are deliberately and willfully ignorant and revel in being that way. They go out of their way to promote and argue the ignorant and busted myths from decades ago (Wicca is ancient, 9 million, all gods are one god, etc) and they decry and flame those who have the temerity to say differently.

But being new is not the same thing. One can be fluffy and new, that’s easy. But one can also be new and be non-fluffy, in that one is willing to listen and learn. And that is listen and learn to multiple sources, not just one.

But I see people on some of the forums I’m on who go out of their way to present that they are not new. Why? I think Juliaki’s essy (referenced a few posts back) about this same problem hits a very key point, many new people are treated as fluffies.

Lesson 8: Mythology

Lesson 8, part 1: Mythology

All right, in this segment, we will look at some basics of Mythology, Gods and Goddesses.

Mostly, what one needs to understand when looking into mythology to any extent is that all mythology, from Christianity and the Bible, to Islamic and the Koran to the Druids and the Tain Bo and the Mabinogion, is that these are stories. That’s all. They are representations of a lesson to be learned, or a character to be explained, qualities to be pontificated on and so forth.

Our current mythology, in contemporary Western society, can be seen in the fables of Aesop, the books of our times, and also the movies that are popular. Epic stories about people that may or may not have existed, who are held up as models of behavior and honor.

An example of this: In one set of Irish myths, CuCulainn is a young boy and he kills a dog on a dare. It turns out it is the dog of a smith who raised this dog from a pup to guard him and his assets. Now without the dog, he has no protection. So CuCulainn (and the spelling differs) voluntarily takes on the job of guarding this man. The smith’s name is Culann and that is why CuCulainn is called what he is (his name means, literally, “hound of Culann”).

Reposted from Tumblr

Okay, let me speak for a minute on the “myth of the chosen one” who would “bring balance to the Force”.

The Force is an energy field, created by all living things.  An energy field.  Like sunlight, like the electromagnetic spectrum.

As such, it is there, JUST there.  It has neither light nor dark aspects.  It simply IS.

It is HOW YOU USE IT and WHAT STATE OF MIND YOU ARE IN that determines if it is light or dark.  Using the Force with Anger, Fear, Hate, that’s dark aspected.  Using it in Peace, Compassion, Generosity, those are light aspected.  It’s a tool, like a crossbow.  Use a crossbow in anger against a tree, it’s not good, but not bad either.  Use the crossbow in anger against a person, that’s manslaughter.  Use a crossbow to protect a person from another, it’s Guardianship.  Same thing with the Force.

That’s the first thing.

Second is this:

You have a hundred thousand weiders of the Force who use the light side.  You have (maybe) five weilders of the Force who use the dark side.  Imagine a scale if you will.  Place 100,000 grains of rice on one side, five on the other.  How do you achieve balance between the two pans?

A Druid’s Tale

By Cat Treadwell
Moon Books, copyright 2012, $19.95 US
ISBN 1780991134
ISBN13 978-1-78099-113-9

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Well, it took some time to get this book so I could review it for you all, and I’m glad it did. This was one book that the wait was worth it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I believe I know Cat from way back. Back in the early 00’s, I was part of and an administrator on many pagan boards, among them “Druid” which was a Yahoo! group that had (insert gasps here) druids on it. We talked about nearly everything. At the time I was known as Daven and I learned a lot of what I now hold dear in my life there, and a lot of my attitudes were gelled from things I felt, rather than knew. I believe I met Cat there and we swapped lots of debates.

Time passes and life intervened and we grew apart. I left the group and she did her thing. I’m glad that she wrote this book so I could become reacquainted with my friend.


Well, just got an email from a lady who wanted some very specific information from me, so that she could judge the “correctness” of the Journal by what I had to say. She wanted, in effect, my Pagan Resume’.

So, I’m going to do something that I rarely do and that is talk about myself. BUT, I’m also going to put it behind a “cut” so that it’s not super-public where any idiot with an RSS reader can see it, they actually have to click on a link to get this information.

So, if you are using an aggregator like Thunderbird, click on the link to this post and read it in full if that is what you want to do. If you found this page through the actual blog, then you will have to click on the “more” link below to see the rest of it.

Okay, first off I have to say that this information in here is very personal. The other thing I have to say is that most of this is covered in other places around this site. Next it’s going to sound like I’m name dropping, but I’m really not. Last, believe me, don’t believe me, it’s entirely up to you.