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An author, a Wiccan, a Druid, a Priestess, a member of the ULC, Owner of Erin's Journal, mystic, magickian, DragonKin, Guardian and Transsexual. All these and more describe Erin.

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Late night, Post Yule, Pre Christmas post

Today in the “Daven” household, things were pretty quiet. I did have some excitement though.

Mostly it was the shopping trip. It takes so little to make those we love so happy. I went grocery shopping with my wife. That was it. She was thrilled. Why? I have no clue. I think it was because we were spending time together, even though I was ranging around getting stuff and she was driving the cart from point A to point B. But we talked some and thought about things like we did when we were young (like year 1 or 2 of our 15 year marriage).

Then we got home and had dinner that she lovingly fixed for everyone, with help. Cookies came after dinner, again lovingly fixed by my dearest. If you ever get a chance to marry a Kitchen Witch, do so. You WILL NOT regret it.

While Saturday is “bonding night with the daughter” they had anime on that I didn’t like too much. So while paying about 20% of my attention to the TV and talking, I was reading on one of the review books, Taylor Ellwood’s “Pop Culture Magick”.

Heather, Confessions of a Witch

By Hans Holzer
ISBN 0-88405-096-3

A Review by Daven

I was sent this book by a friend, who had quite a number of negative things to say about the book. After reading it, there are multiple things that are highly questionable, but not truly objectionable depending upon your point of view.

At the beginning of the book, one must assume that the story is true. With that as an unverifiable assumption, the book becomes compelling look into power trips and mind games.

Heather was a woman from a midwestern town who moved to New York and began a journey into Wicca. She was attracted to Wicca because she had several psychic gifts, all of which came on strong in her teenage years. She had no one to help her control them, nor did she have any kind of training in those gifts.

In addition to that, it seems that either she was an untrained channel, or she had multiple personality disorder (MPD). I am betting on the MPD personally.


Ok, I haven’t been advertising this here, but I have a podcast that you should probably listen to.


Brian of Cosmic-Rebirth.tumblr.com is my co-host and we have lots of fun there.  Go take a listen. I have a 16 episode series of Tarot Talk as well.

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First published on “The Juggler”

I want to address you today about being courteous. This doesn’t just mean saying “please” and “thank you”, although those are VERY important things. No, this means that you try to smooth the way before your fellow humans.

Things like holding the door open for someone when you see their hands are full. That’s courtesy. Things like asking which floor you are going to when getting on an elevator and pushing the button for you. That is courtesy.

It comes from the courtly game of manners. Courtesy helps if only by making someone’s day go a little better, a little smoother, a little less stressful.

Something like not talking about a book someone hasn’t read yet, when they say they haven’t read it, is courtesy. If I haven’t read, say, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yet, and I say so, it is HIGHLY rude for you to discuss salient plot points and spoil the book for me in an open discussion.

Bunnyhunting part 3

First Published on “The Juggler”

I think that if I had to pick one thing that upsets the bunnies the most, it’s the fact that most bunnyhunters make fun of them.

Yes, Virginia, there is a reason for it. It stems from frustration.

I feel that it is impossible to NOT make fun of people when they hit the “100” ring on the “Bullshit target”. That there is a viceral reaction to having that much incredulity dumped on your system at one time and the humor as a reaction is unavoidable.

Looked at objectively, every bunnyhunter will admit that there are times when their attacks and their sarcasm approches the mean. In fact, I can’t think of a hunter who has not hurt (at some times very baddly) the target of their scorn.

I don’t know if this is totally unintentional. But the use of humor for the hunter is a defense mechanism, a way to go “WTF” and to deal with the initial desire to really attack the target. Making fun of the bunny in question, behind their backs and in a closed forum where the bunny can’t be embarrassed by public ridicule, lets the hunters vent frustration and make all the snarky comments they need to to get it out of their system.

Sabbats: A witch’s approach to living the Old Ways

by Edain McCoy
Llewellyn Publications, 2002
ISBN 1-56718-663-7

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I originally got this book to go with the Sabbat Series that Llewellyn was putting out, one book on each of the Holidays of the year. I wanted to see what this book offered that these 8 books did not.

It’s interesting to see the contrasts. Edain does a credible job in presenting the material, despite the fact that just about every pagan author who has written a Wicca 101 book has written on the same subject. She avoids those references, as tempting as it must have been to use them. So, her book is packed with original material.

Now, make no mistake that this book is a one book reference on these holidays. It’s not. Witness the fact that Llewellyn felt it necessary to publish the other 8 books in the Sabbat Series.

This book, frankly, is a transition book from the brief references found in Wicca 101 books on the market to the Sabbat Series. It is a book that if taken by itself gives a lot of good information on these holidays, but not even a significant portion of what is available. It accomplishes it’s goal of being a “one work reference” for the Holidays.

Green Witchcraft

by Ann Moura (Aoumiel)
Llewellyn Publications, 2000
ISBN 1-56718-690-4

Rating: ★★★★½ 

When I first received this trilogy (I also received Green Witchcraft II and Green Witchcraft III in the same package) I was excited. Here was a beginner’s volume that promised to be as good as Buckland’s or Cunningham’s books. In many respects, I was correct.

However, the title and the introduction state that this series and this particular book is a “Beginner’s Guide” which I would have to take some exception to. I will explain this further in my review.

Upon first getting the book, I must say that the artwork is excellent. The simple line drawings that decorate the chapters evoke a quiet sense of beauty, reminiscent of the minimalist styles of artwork of Asia. I wish the artist were credited on their drawings. (The interior artist, I later found out is Nyease Sommerset.)

Within the first five pages, I started getting confused. The author is extremely familiar with Wicca, the Craft, Religions and many other areas of study relating to this arena, and the writing was clear, but I was expecting the book to start with something like “Welcome to Wicca, I will be your guide” or another form of hand-holding that many of the authors of beginning Wicca books do. Ann does none of these.

Shields and Wards

Shields and Wards

Well, I’m pulling this off another page since I have needed to reference this about 50 times and had to find it AGAIN buried in my lessons.  So, without further ado, here is my collected discussion about warding and shielding.

Shields and Wards

One of the first things that you need to accept and act accordingly when dealing with these protections is that they are real. If you assume that they are simply a projection of your imagination, you may as well stop now. No matter the tradition you are trained in, ALL of them have some variant of protection as part of its structure. Some examples of this are:

Wiccans “Casting a Circle” Christians “Dedication and Sanctification” Native ceremonies of blessing and consecration of the Drum Circle Prayers for protection

There are more, but I think you have the idea. Most of these seem to be definable as prayers; very few traditions and religions go so far as to make this a magickal rite in and of itself.

Italian Witchcraft

by Raven Grimassi
Llewellyn 2000, $14.95 US
ISBN 1-56718-259-3

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I initially got this book so I could study another form of witchcraft, one that is different from the typical British version of Witchcraft. Well, this book definitely fulfilled that niche for me.

Having read other works by Mr. Grimassi, when I started this I was a bit concerned. There are times when the reputation of “fluffy” is appended to his name. But in this book, he is actually teaching what he knows and lives, therefore I don’t think that term is accurate to class this book.

“Light” would be better. There are times when in this book, it is written deliberately to appeal to the young and inexperienced, but as far as factual information I could find very little to criticize. Don’t mistake this to mean there is nothing to criticize, however.

First, the good things. Raven does a good job of recondensing this book (for this is the second edition and revised edition of this particular work) and presenting the material. He corrects minor mistakes with the first edition, and he also answers some criticisms that were generated by the previous version of this book. Having never read the first edition of this, I can not state what has been and has not been revised in the content.

Harm None

Okay, let’s be honest here. We need to get rid of the Rede completely.

Yeah, I said it. What’s more I’ll defend it.

The Rede is antiquated. It’s been the source of more than a little confusion to those who are new, and a LOT of confusion to those who aren’t Wiccan. It has come to be a “Pan Pagan” assumed ethic when it is not. It has been taken out of context and translated literally and even worse, translated figuratively for generations of people. And you know what? We still harm each other all the time.

I harm my family when I go to work since I am not there for their emotional support. I harm my family when I come home since I am not at work earning money to fill their bellies. No matter what I do I harm my family. It’s a Catch 22 situation.