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Articles from The Witches’ Voice


Okay, this is where I wind up admitting to theft.  Although you don’t get to get upset.

I asked Fritz Jung for permission to reprint these articles here, and he kindly gave me that permission, after clearing it with Wren Walker.  These are articles that I feel should be shared far and wide, either because they make sense or because they are necessary as assets in this community.

Things like what makes a good teacher, a frequently asked questions document (that I should really write, but don’t have the time to), what the real basics of the Craft are, broken down in simple terms, and so on.

However, this is not fair.  I have my information here, but the information on the Voice is as good as what I’m teaching.  They have a lot for beginners, some good articles for those in the middle of their journey, and a lot for those who (like me) are teaching and sharing their knowledge with a new group of beginners.  Of special notice is their section on the Traditions.  It is a series of articles that deals with different traditions, and they are soliciting other articles and multiple articles on a tradition, so there is some contrast.

Go there are read.  Last count had them at 18,000 pages, but that may include their networking section.  I’m there in their site multiple times.  I like their scheme as well, just as Fritz likes mine.  He and I are friends, at least I consider him a good friend, and I have helped him work on his site for a while.  So, let’s hope that this drives more traffic to him.

So, here are the articles I borrowed and reprinted.

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