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Another test passed


Well, I passed my next test.

I know I havn’t been updating this as much as I should, but that’s because other things have been keeping me from doing so, and I never was one to rattle on for nothing for hours on end.

So, what’s happened since I last updated this? I passed the Dresig test so I am now in the Fochlac grade, the top of the Student level. The next part is a verbal test, actually getting initiated into the ODU (the dedication is different from the initiation, one is performed by you for yourself (dedicating yourself to the Gods) and the other is perfored ON you by someone else. It’s a subtle difference.)

I am still writing, one of the articles you passed on your way in here was my article on Druidism and Wicca, a pretty good piece if I say so myself. I’m also writing a piece on Lugh, and I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the first draft, which has to be edited and so on. That’s the tedious part. LOL

Then there is a situation with Seax-Wica. Apparently a man was appointed by Buckland himself to be the new “first among equals” of Seax-Wica, and he really overstepped his boundaries. He tried to set himself up as the chief of Seax-Wica and speak for all Seax-Wicans. He insulted another path’s practices (who are also based on Saxon culture, kinda like a Dianic insulting a Greek Recon) because he didn’t agree with them, the implication being that all Seax-Wicans feel the same way since he said so. He tried appointing counselors for the various continents who would promote Seax-Wica in their areas, and they were the administrative council. So on and so forth.

You can immagine how well this went over. So, I’m trying to clean that mess up somehow too. Oh Joy. LOL

Other than that, helping with the new ODU website, tweaking things like their design and so on, to help the webmaster out (and pay my dues). Chatting on various boards, contributing my thoughts to those boards and avoiding the fluffies where I see them. Other than that, nothing going on at all. LOL

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