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An open letter

To the owners of the “Sisterhood of Natural Light” forum:

Don’t attempt to teach a pig to sing, it frustrates you and annoys the pig.

In other words, I give. You won. This is going to be my last post here so please leave it up.

Yeah, I kept coming back to try to help. But you all have managed to make it so hard to actually share anything that I give. Have your little inclub here and don’t allow no one in because they make you think….

Let me clear a few things up however:

First off, I never came here as a representative of WiccaForums. This has all been because I felt like doing this. I have acted on my own entirely. So you want to blame someone, please go ahead and blame me.

My works: I’m glad you will never use my works. I”m sure that if someone so much as mentions the name of Daven that you will go out of your way to silence that person and every original thought in their head, just as you continually do here. So I have no worries on that front. My problem with this forum specifically is this:

* the blatant hypocrasy. You call me a hypocrite, and you are right I have been acting like that lately. So I am taking steps to correct that. However, you talk about everyone being free to speak their mind, tell members who object to theft of other’s work to shut up, you delete and ban users because they challenge you (Babspace and Wunjo are just two examples of a rampant problem) and gods help them if they disagree with you. You talk about a place where every one can speak their mind, then violate that from the beginning with your actions. Yes, I have been around since the beginning.

* The illegal actions of the moderators. Juniper, you have been told this multiple times, PLEASE hear me. Reposting works that you did not write is a violation of copyright UNLESS you have the author’s permission to do so. From what I have seen, only about one in four of the articles in your “archives” are allowed under current copyright law. You will lose your forum if someone decides to take legal action and if they complain to your board host. It is even possible that you will be personally put in jail for posting that. EVERYONE who is not one of your cronies has tried to warn you about this, including the authors of some of the material you have up here. I know that Phillip Carr-Gomm of the OBOD is looking into legal action for some of this since I told him about the reposting of one of the OBOD’s articles and he thanked me for that info. The only way for you to avoid this is to either take all that material down OR to contact each and every author you can to secure their permission. And don’t say you can’t, I found 25 article’s authors in about 10 minutes with a Google Search and sending them all emails with links took another 10. Put in an afternoon and you can get in contact with everyone in about 5 hours or so. Want to use their work? Fine, but make sure you ask them. If someone said “you should be flattered I’m stealing your china, it shows you have good taste” you would be up in arms. IT’s the same situation with someone’s article.

* Lying and revisionist history. Juniper, I have no idea where you get your “facts” from, but they are incorrect. First off, no one laid any money down for any forum, it’s a free forum site. There is no set up money and no fee of any kind. That’s why there are advertisments on this site. So stop saying that the owner paid for it. She didn’t. No one sent any curses that were designed to actually do anything. I might have said “I hope your forum closes” but how many times have you said “I hope he dies” about me? I don’t count the latter as a curse of any kind nor do I count the first a curse either. Of those who did send you emails and PMs when you left WF, NONE of them had any curses. Want to know how I know this? We have discussed you and everyone who left in the moderator’s areas when you flounced out. Opal went through your PMs and there weren’t many people contacting you, it was three PMs besides the ones you all sent back and forth in your little group.

I have no problem with any of you other than these. You have a right to believe, teach and practice what you want. But these three things are MAJOR, they taint all of your Wiccan Pracitce and your Shamanistic practice and your whatever practice since each and every one of them relate back to your personal honor. If I see you lying how can I trust that you will keep a promise made? If I see you treating other author’s works so casually and then bragging about it on your forum, how can I trust that the things said to you in confidence will remain in confidence? (and I am using the “I” in that statement as the perspective of the observer, I realize you hate me and I would not seek counseling from you ever.)

I hope you wake up soon and realize what you are doing. But what I see this forum as currently is a little girl’s clubhouse with only the popular kids allowed in and all others either toeing the line or getting attacked and driven out. Like the Head Cheerleader and all the other Cheerleaders who have no opinions other than what the Head Cheerleader says. It’s poisonous and simply wrong. Wicca is not about personal power, popularity or “who can collect the most titles”. IT is about a personal relationship with the Gods and expressing that in your life.

My errors? Yes, I did flood the forum ONCE. I did it because the post I was putting up directly answered several questions you and many others had, and they were being deleted as fast as they were going up. I wanted you all to READ the post, not just see it and see my name on it and go “delete” because that is counter productive. When the first one got deleted within moments of a moderator coming on, I knew that all of them would be. So I put up multiple copies hoping that you would miss one in the mad dash to get rid of them all, or that you would take the time to actually read what I wrote. Apparently censorship is the norm here.

I may have been nasty in a PM, not multiple ones, and I never sent emails to anyone except you Juniper. I have the email I sent you still, criticizing you for the actions of deleting me before I could read the fifteen PMs I got in response from various people here.

Yes, I signed in under different names. Know what? I’m not ashamed of that. I know for a fact, for instance, that most of you still have IDs over on WF to see if we are talking about you. So it’s fair.

Everything else you accuse me of, didn’t happen. You are either making it up completely, misreading what was actually said and what is in the exchange as something it is not, or you are delusional. I have never personally attacked anyone. I have used sarcasm, I have used criticism and I have been aserbic towards those that were being especially thick headed. That is all. I never made this personal.

One last observation: Through this all Juniper, you and your “home girls” have acted very childish. Not even reading posts before deleting them and deleting and editing not only history and the truth, but members as well. To say I’m disappointed is an understatment. Were the positions reversed, I would not remove posts you put up that were not blatantly attacking someone else even if I disagreed with the content entirely. But simply because my name is attached to a post, it goes into the delete file.

So, last post from me on this forum ever. You win. I’m reposting this on my personal website (which FYI, DOES NOT have a forum on it so even coming and attempting to troll me wouldn’t work) so that those who are interested in what really happened can come and look at this and go “stupid people…” I’m also never going to send anyone to you as a student. I’ll work to make you all look like the idiots you are and prevent anyone from falling into your influence. You are a Jim Jones wannabe, a David Koresh waiting to happen, and I’ll stop it.

Have a good life.

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One Response to “An open letter”

  1. lili says:

    I have been reading your website for the past couple of hours now. I was looking for some intelligent pagans my husband and I could associate with locally, however I somehow came to your site instead. I had to ring my husband and tell him I had found his long lost twin, and gave him the link to your site. I am responding under this post because it was like reading one of his rants somewhere. I have enjoyed your site and am greatful that people like you exist out there,so that people like myself and my husband do not feel completly alone.

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