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A very needed post


I just read a wonderful blog post over at Property of a Lady. If you don’t know this blog, please become familliar with it. Deborah Lipp is a wonderful Priestess, author of multiple books that I rated highly (and think everyone in Magick and Witchcraft as well as Wicca needs to read), as well as having been married to Isaac Bonewits while he was developing the ADF and so on. She has taught me a TON of stuff in the time I have been reading her blog.

Anyhow, the post that I’m talking about is in reference to sexism in Wicca. It is incredible that there are people that think women are repressed in Wicca and by Wicca. In my experience it may be the other way around.

And if Wicca celebrates the woman, then She should be celebrated in ALL Her aspects, From the barren female, to the Spinster, to the Sister, to the post menopausal woman who is still capable, to the Warrior woman, to the female who has no interest in reproducing. I have seen and learned from all these types of women and to think that only those women who are young and able to reproduce are good for anything is to discount about 80% of the women on the planet.

Yes, honor those who continue to keep the species alive. Have rituals for them and honor the fact that they go through hell to bring a new life into being. Help them as the child grows, but don’t toss her asside when she loses her looks and isn’t able to breed anymore. That is the same “excuse” that homophobes use to put down the homosexual population (the fact that they can’t breed).

It’s spurrious and stupid on the surface, and yet there are elements that want that to be part of the core beliefs of Wicca.

Anyhow, go take a look at her post:
. She states this better than I can.

I am, after all, pretty much a solitary Wiccan.

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