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HomeRant, Updates A "Vampire" in Minnesota?

A "Vampire" in Minnesota?


When Johnathan “The Impaler”; Sharkey announced his candacy for Governor of Minnesota, I was somwhat miffed. He did so the day after my birthday, thereby taking the spotlight off of me. So I was more than a little put out.

However, I haven’t commented on this yet because I have had to work out how I feel in regards to this action.

On one hand, it’s Minnesota. How much damage can he do there? I mean, they elected Jessie “The Body” Ventura to be their Governor in the past, so what’s a Vampire now? And I’ve been considering what my stance on this is. To be honest, I’m torn.

I think I a Pagan in a high office is a good thing. It would be wonderful and it would certainly raise awareness and the profile of most Pagans. But there are MULTIPLE problems with this.

First off, he’s a wierdo fringe Pagan. He’s no where near the moderate that many Pagans are at, nor is he trying to be. He’s outrageous and wants that. He wants the publicity and the attention. In that he’s like a 5 year old screaming and kicking his heels because a treat was denied him. So I think that in this case he would do more harm than good.

Statements like “I hate and despise the Christian God the Father, he is my enemy” will not win him any friends in the electorate who he needs to court to be elected.

I’ve read parts of his platform and while they sound good, many a campaign promise sounded good at the beginning like this. I can see pepole voting for this man for the “amusment factor” or the “novelty” of having a vampire/Satanist in the Governor’s Mansion, but that’s all. I certainly wouldn’t vote for this person for President nor would I accept him in any position in the federal Government for the same reason.

It’s not that I hate Satanists. It is because his views and ideas are too radical and they would chip away at many of the laws that are in place. This is my personal view.

I encourage you to go read his website. It’s frightening and somewhat sad. To think this poor man has to identify himself as a vampire in order to have the life he wants….

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