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A thought


Mary and I were talking in bed, our last interaction of the day, and the topic turned to some of the problems we have had and overcome in our life.

It tied into the movie “Serenity” in which the main character (Mal) is a lot darker and a lot more desperate. At one point during the movie he’s talking to his Second in Command about the bare fact that if they don’t get money they don’t fly and don’t eat. It’s a moving piece of cinema, setting up the rest of the movie.

Having been there and done that, I was moved to say this:

“It’s easy to have morals when your belly is full. It’s keeping those morals and living up to them when you are near starvation that is the true measure of a person.” — Daven

Good quote.

Edited later to add: I say this because not too long ago I went to Wal-mart to get some gas. SAM’s club has a gas station and the Wal-Mart is next to it and could refil my gift card. I paid for $10 in gas, and when I got to the pump, I discovered that the kid running the register had put $100 on the card. I could have kept that $90, and I was REALLY tempted to do so. We needed the money. But, the kid would have come up $90 short in his register and that would have had him fired. I would have been dishonest, and I would have been a hypocrite. My daughter would have learned that it’s okay to steal if you really need it. So I took the money back.

It hurt to do so.

The kid in quesiton wasn’t impressed, and the managers were like “okay, fine, give us the money….” I was proud of myself and so was my wife. The few people who heard of it were like “wow…. I wouldn’t have done it.”

But it was the only honorable thing to do.

It’s easy to be honest when you have enough money for everything, and that was one of the hardest things I have ever done. That’s what prompted that quote.

I did have one lady say that the universe was trying to help me, and I slapped it in the face by taking it back and I should have kept it and I should be ashamed of myself. But in good conscience I couldn’t do anything else.

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