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A Samhain ritual for the Dead

You will be seeing on many religion blogs either that Halloween is dangerous and should be avoided by those who are truly religious, or probably posts from various flavors of Pagansim who are defending the Sabbat of Samhain. I won’t go into all those again, I’ll just direct you to Isaac Bonewits’ pages on his website on Samhain. He’s done a much better job than I could.

The Real Origins of Halloween
Halloween Errors and Lies

There is a page here that talks about Samhain:

Samhain Sabbat in Seax-Wica (note there is deity substitution present, this has been changed to reflect my deities)

No, I’m not going to go over that information again. What I am going to do is do an electronic ritual for you all.

**** Stilling my mind and soul ****
** Ritual mindset and consciousness shift **


Looking to the North, the realm of the Air, the place before birth, and after death, the astral world. The wind blows and brings with it the smell of incense, the scent of sandalwood. The Air is Here.

Turning and facing the East. New life, new beginnings, new things. Dawn is breaking and with it comes the crash of the waves, the scent of the Sea. Sea foam and spray hit my face and the Water is here.

Facing South now. There is Earth, land, steady and supportive. Dirt and trees and bounty as far as the eye can see. The volcanic sides of the Mountain which grows the coffee we drink. I listen to the trees and they tell me that the Earth is present.

And now the West. Fire resides here, for as age hits us all, so to does the body start burning up. Fire cleanses and renews. War and the rumors of war come from the West and all enemies can be seen as being in the west. Fire burns brightest in the twilight, and with that Sunlight on my face, Fire is here.

I move and face the North again. Composed and calm. The elements are here, the place between the Worlds is cast, the Portals are opened.

I invoke Rhiannon of the Birds, Matron and Mother, lover and goddess. Be with me in this time of transition. Your birds promise sleep and rest and surcease from pain and suffering. I have many who need that ending. Your Birds sang for Bran the Blessed to ease the companion’s cares after the war with Ireland to reclaim Branwen, and I ask for their singing now.

Mother, I know you are tired. Just a short time yet and you can rest for the Winter.

I ask that you be here with Your children on this night and day.

Herne the Hunter, father and Patron. Lord of the Hunt, leader of the Wild Hunt. He who will support and feed us through the Winter, I ask you be present today and tonight.

Father, we need defending from the things in the night. You defend others and with your Hunt, you destroy that which is evil. I ask that you be present and destroy that which is evil this year.

I declare this Circle cast. All those who read it and felt the energy move are participants, and the magick will grow and reflect those changes that we wish to bring.

Lord Herne, Lady Rhiannon, thank you for being here. I now ask you to stand watch with us while we, your children, collectively call those of our beloved ancestors to us, for healing and solace, to ask favors and requests.

** turning to the North **

I call into the Mists of Time, into the Spirit World, into the place behind the Moon where Arianhrod lives. I ask that those spirits of our lives, those who loved us, those whom we loved who have passed over to Spiral Castle, be here if they choose to. I call them and ask that they grace us with their presence once more.

Marjorie Dulcina (Pickerel) Hobrock, my grandmother, I ask you to be here. I can’t state how much I miss you and how I wish you were with me still, your wise guidance and your counsel, your quiet way of knowing things. I miss you still, more than 10 years after your death. And by the Gods I wish you could see how I have grown. I think you would be proud.

Clifford Mason Hobrock, Grandpa. You willed yourself to death when your wife died. I wish you hadn’t, but it is a good thing that you were able to see your grandchildren and great grandchildren before you left. I am proud to be your grandson and awed by what you achieved in your lifetime.

Jane (Wynne-Jones) Roberts: I never knew you, but you are blood relation to my step son. From all the stories I have been told of you Mrs. Roberts, you were a lady to be honored and emulated, blessed and followed. I wish I had the chance to know you.

David Wynne Roberts: Uncle to my step-son. Warrior and brother to a father and son to a mother.

John Andrew Phillip, Mary’s father. Sir, I only knew you a bit, but you are one of those people that struck me as a good friend, a true warrior, a guardian and a friend. I enjoyed your sense of humor and your outlook on life.

I also invoke your brothers, Adorian Phillip and Andrew John Phillip.

Sir Chad. Chad, I have no clue as to the motivations in your life which culminated in you taking it, but I ask you to come back now and to help. I know you are watching your adopted children, but I ask that you also take on another task for me.

All of you, ancestors and friends, warriors and parents, I ask that on this day, you keep watch over my step son, Phillip Wynne Roberts while he is deployed in Iraq. I know that asking you to guard him is like asking the stick to stem the tide, but if a shove at the right time can save his life, please do so. Mary would be devastated if she lost her son, and I know his wife Madison would be torn up. As those who have either a spiritual connection through the military or a blood connection through kinship, please guard him as best you can.

I miss you all. I shall be with you in my dreams and perhaps these holes in my life that you left can be healed. Know that I shall be lifting a glass of mead or wine to you all, and you are welcome into my home at any time to spend time with me and mine. I fear you not, I love you all.

(To those of you reading, now would be the time to invoke your own ancestors and beloved deceased to watch you.)

** astral hugs to all. holding and being and communing for some time **

Now, my friends and relatives, it is time to either go or stay as you choose. You have your freedom of my request to come. The party is over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. * laughter *

On this joyous day of reunions and transitions, look up and be healed my family.

* turns to Herne *

Father, your time has come. It is up to you to lead the Tribe and provide for us through the Winter. You shall have our arms, our backs, our industry and our support. No efforts shall be spared to help you in any way you need. See us through the Winter and into the Sunlight again.

* turns to Rhiannon *

Mother, it has ended for you. Summer is past. The seasons of growth and bounty are done. Come and let me hold you for a bit, as you have held us for so long this year. Now is the time for you to rest. Here, let me get you a comfortable chair, your big fluffy nightgown, a book and some hot chocolate. Rest and allow us to labor for you now. Need a foot rub? I am so awed by the work you once again gave unstintingly to us. Thank you. I look forward to your tales when you are ready. Let me poke the fire up.

And then there is the bed later with your husband.

Thank you so much, m’Lady. * bows *

To all the Elements of Creation! Hear me! I thank you for your attendance, for your support and your energy. You kept the Circle balanced and open. And the Gate is still here. I can Guard it, I can hold it open on this night, I thank you for your presence and realize that you will always be here. Go now to what you must do, and take my gratitude with you as you go.

**** squats in the Circle places right hand palm open on the ground ****

I take possession of this Gateway. I will Guard it and protect those who cross from that which would harm Them. I will hold it in trust for those who would use it at other times. When this Gate fades, it fades. It shall be closed on another day, and when all who wish to use it are through, I promise that I will hold it until they return.

So be it.

Always existing, never failing, the Circle is forever, the Gate is transient.

So be it.

The Circle is now closed.

So be it.

And that is the end of that ritual. Thank you for reading along. I hope it was as moving for you as it was for me.

Originally posted on October 31, 2006. Thank you for reading

2 Responses to “A Samhain ritual for the Dead”

  1. Monica says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for placing this on here. I just lost a friend a few weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to make sense of everything spiritually.

    • Daven says:

      I am very glad that it moved you and helped you find peace. That is the reason I shared it here.

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