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A Reminder


Okay, I’m going to guilt you out slightly. It’s a good one, probably blend into the background with the rest of the “Please Give” guilt you get this year, but I’m going to give this a twist.

Please do give to whatever charity you feel deserves your support. Don’t give because everyone else is giving, but because now is the time when 85% (more or less) of the operating budget of most charities and shelters is raised to carry them through the year. From beginning of November through Christmas, charaties and shelters get lots and lots of donations from people. And they need every dime to stay in business until they hit next November.

There are 11 other months out there. Giving now is good and it really helps. But after that, all the donations and voulenteers dry up in January, February and so on. The lines you will see pictures of with 25 workers and the Governor giving out turkey dinners to the homeless is good, but that drops to about 5 poeple in May and other months, and the numbers of people needing that doesn’t go down, it increases slightly because there are fewer services offering help. So the voulenteers are chronically overworked and they burnout.

Know what I wanted for my Birthday. I wanted to go and work at a shelter. I would take my family with me. We were there once and I didn’t want to forget that. Things happened though and we never made it and I still feel bad about that.

Yes, give generously now. That’s why the huge push happens now, it’s lots of little shelters and charaties competeing for too few dollars. So they all demand and some get. And maybe they will have money to help in April or August.

More than that, don’t forget that these groups still need help in other months. Go work, donate, give clothes and time. You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes.

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