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A few items of note

Edited to add: I really would like to hear your opinions on this movie.

Well, it’s been a while since there was some original news here, so I’m going to try to rectify that with this post.

First off, “no new news”. Some have noticed that the Journal here has been recycling old posts. That’s on purpose. I’ve had little new to say here, so I’ve found a WordPress plugin called Old Post Promoter [1] which finds old posts and makes them new again. This is deliberate so that those who just found this site can see what is out there. Plus, there’s nearly 500 posts here, and I could recycle an old post a day for almost two years. I have it set so that every three days an old post is pulled up. I’m pretty sure that those who are regulars here haven’t read everything either. So it’s a boon for everyone.

I do promise as the Muse or the Gods strike me, I will put up a new post or an article. So absolutely new content will not be a stranger, but I do want you all to be entertained here and not bored by seeing weeks/months of no posts. I figure old posts are better than no posts.

I would suggest subscribing to the RSS feed since that will get you the posts that are put up, and if you recognize them, you don’t have to come here and read.

Now, for what I was putting this post up for. I’ve made another movie. Yeah, you get to see my ugly mug. On this movie, I talk about my Druid’s Staff. I had mentioned that I would make this to show you what I had on my staff, and here it is.

I make mention of “The Sage” [2] from “Groo the Wanderer” [3]. Here’s a picture of him that inspired the bottle:


Anyhow, I get my ideas all over, and this is the one that I thought was cool enough to be incorporated into a Druid’s staff. Use it or not.