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Friday Night and Saturday Day


First, I had this in my print outs and just recently found it again. I think it’s funny as heck.

The Cat Years – Children as Pets

The strange thing is that it fits. I saw it with my sisters and I’m dreading going through it with my daughter.

Then there is life. Had a fight with Mary last night, and I was at fault. Some of it was me and our assumptions on what is going on with life. She asked to have fun last night while Rhiannon was gone to the local traveling carnival, and I was working to getting in the mood, and by the time I was, Rhiannon was back.

So that precipitated her screaming at me and scaring Rhiannon (since we almost never fight and this is only the second time in 14 years that Mary has lost her temper this baddly). We talked once she had calmed down, and things were worked out, but it was still “WTF???” for a while.

Just got back from Saturday stuff, running and doing and being. Got some mead, went to a local craft fair at Centennial Park, just spent time with Mary and was with her. Lots of fun, but tiring.

Wierdest thing, I heard a song at the Pottery Shed (or whatever they call it here) and I was thrown back into childhood. Mom used to play this Perry Como song all the time when I was little, and I can barely remember it. It was a background soundtrack to my life, and I can’t stand the song. It was normally playing when some of the biggest problems we had as little people happened. Not good. I was so stressed by this, I left and the Superconscious took over.

To purge it, been listening to many and various songs here at home. Right now, listening to “Broken Road” by the original artists, can’t remember what their name is right now.

I have noticed that in two days that the counter jumped almost three centuries. Wow. That’s a lot of unique people finding this little corner of the Net. Thank you all. Don’t know if it is the feed or the promotion I asked everyone to do.

So I’m in a wierd place today. Not sure if I like it or not.

In other news, doing some writing on the “Teen’s book”. I’ll see if I can get some excerpts up for perusal. Yes, Daven is jumping on the bandwaggon and writing a book about Teen Wicca and Teen Witchcraft. I promise this is going to be different. First off, there is NO spells or rituals. It’s advice talking about problems Teens face in their persuit of Wicca and a Witchcraft spirituality, from parent’s disapproval to “should I tell everyone”. It’s also speaking to those issues that people assume Teens know about but which aren’t normally discussed in depth while teaching them.

So, that’s that.

Let me post an excerpt from the chapter dealing with “do I out myself?”

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